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GPS Car Tracker Without Installation

GPS Car Tracker Without Installation

Precise location

Tracking from APP

Magnetic Tracker

Notifications of notice

Battery saving mode

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A perfect GPS tracker to put in a car or truck. You won't need to install it inside, because thanks to its magnetized part it will be perfect to place it on the outside in the metal part of the low of the vehicle you want to control.

You can track any vehicle to find out where it is at any time. Whether you have controlled your employees, to know where your partner is or to install it in your own car and so know where it is in case you could steal.

Location tracking features a GPS accuracy of 5 meters. In this way you will be able to know with total accuracy the location of the device at any time you want.

Its use is very simple because it does not need any installation. Just insértale a SIM phone card and the tracker will turn on and be ready to operate. Make a phone call to the SIM in the locator, and you will receive an SMS message with the location of the device.

We can operate with the GPS tracker in two ways, by sending orders via SMStext messages, so you will receive immediate localization with an SMS response from the locator itself. As well as you can give the order to warn you if the device exceeds a certain speed, or if it receives a blow or vibration. And the answers will be received as an SMS message to your phone.

But in addition this locator also works through a free App, so you will have the same previous functions and many more. You will be able to limit an area in which if the GPS exits or re-enters a certain place, it will let you know (GEO Fence function).

In the App you can also view a history of the movement followed by the GPS in a range of time that you indicate, and thus play as if a movie was all the path followed by the device during that time.

You will also receive alerts for speeding, vibration or blowing of the device, low battery and much more, through the notifications that the APP itself will send you if you wish.

A very easy to use App that will allow you to see in real time the GPS tracking and all the warning options indicated in a very intuitive way, provided that the SIM card that you have inserted in the GPS has data.

But as we have commented, as it also works through SMS orders, if the SIM card you insert in the device does not have data, you can operate via SMS.

You choose!

The battery autonomy is 90 days in standby mode, that is, depending on the use and frequency of the orders we give, the autonomy will be reduced by increasing the consumption of the battery as we use the device.

However, we can order that the locator is at rest without consuming only battery, if we do not send a location order. In this way, we will be able to lengthen the battery autonomy during its operation.

By default, the vibrating sleep function is activated, and the locator will remain idle if it does not receive a blow or vibration or a location or call order.

It's probably the magnet tracker you're looking for in your car!

Main features of Car GPS tracker

  • Magnetic Tracker
  • Autonomy in sleep mode of 90 days
  • Operation of the device by SMS and/or by App
  • APP for Anrdroid and IPhone
  • Speeding Notice
  • Shock or vibration notice
  • Setting up a limited zone (Geo Fence)
  • Notice by entry or exit of the limited zone
  • Low Battery warning
  • Precision GPS 5 Meters
  • Track history mapped to a time range
  • Operating temperature: -20 º C to + 55 º C
  • Supported Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 72mm x 22mm
  • Networks: GSM/GPRS
  • 5000mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Car GPS Locator Package contents without installation

  • 1x GPS Car Tracker without installation
  • 1x USB Cable for charging
  • 1x Carrying Case
  • 1x SIM Card Adapter for NanoSIM and MicroSIM
  • 1x Instructions Manual in Spanish

Car GPS Locator FAQs

If where I am there is no GPS signal, will I receive location?

Yes. When there is no GPS signal in the place where the GPS tracker is at that time, the device will connect to the nearest telephony antennas, sending us an approximate location.

When we operate with the locator by sending SMS messages, does it have any cost?

Sending SMS by your phone when you give the orders to GPS via SMS, will have the cost according to the rate you have hired on your phone's SIM.

Similarly, the cost of sending response messages by the locator will depend on the rate you have on the SIM card you have inserted into the locator.

Can I place this magnetic GPS locator on the outside of the vehicle?

Yes. The operating temperature of the device is -20 º C to + 55 º C, and will withstand humidity from 5% to 95% without condensation.

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