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256GB Micro SD Memory card

256GB Micro SD Memory card

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Do not be short on your recordings, and put a micro SD memory card 256Gb so you can store many hours of recording.

However, depending on the camera chosen, you will have to see if it supports 256Gb of recording capacity. If so, you will be able to insert this microSD of great capacity, to be able to store many more hours of recording than with the previous capacities.

Check with us before, if the spy camera you need supports MicroSD memory card 256Gb.

Main features of 256Gb MicroSD memory card

  • MicroSD-Type memory card
  • Letura Maximum speed: 100mb/S
  • Weight: < 1g
  • Operating temperature: -25 º C to + 85 º C
  • Storage temperature: From-40 º C to + 85 º C
  • Card format: ExFat

256Gb MicroSD Memory Package Contents

  • 1x Micro SD memory 256Gb in Blse


Do you have to do something special with the memory card to work with a spy camera?

First of all, if the camera you are interested in supports memory card up to 256Gb. If so, you have to change the format of the card that is ExFAT, since it is a format that the spy cameras do not recognize. To do this, you have to format it to FAT32.

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