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GPS Locator Car Tracker 4 months autonomy

GPS Locator Car Tracker 4 months autonomy

Powerful Magnet

Great autonomy of 120 days

Precision 5 Meters

Motion Alert

Speeding warning

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We present the perfect car GPS locator You were looking for, because it has a powerful magnet that can adhere to any metal part of the car. This way it will not be necessary to hide it inside the vehicle, and we can hide it in the lower part of the car, so that we can have a precise location and at all times where any vehicle is located.

If you are looking to be able to track a person with your car, to know where you are really at any time, whether by issues of infidelity, fleet control of vehicles, surveillance of your workers, or on the contrary you want Have your own car located in order to be able to trace it to a possible theft.

No doubt, this is the GPS tracker you need!

The most important thing about this pager is its high battery autonomy of 4 months of operation, which will allow you to almost forget when you put it, and so will be ready to give you the information you need at any time.

As we have commented, thanks to its powerful magnet will be perfect to place it in the basses of anything vehicle, and if by some chance fell, the device would warn you of its location by SMS to be able to go to pick it up, because it has shock alarm Or blow, and this way you could get it back.

The operation is very simple, because you only have to make a call to the phone number of the SIM card that we put the GPS locator, and receive an SMS response with a link to Google Maps to see the exact location on the map.

That's how easy it is to operate! No installation of any kind.

It also has very interesting features, such as speeding warning. We can give the order through SMS to alert us when it detects a speed higher than the ordinate, from 50 to 120km/h.

Another interesting feature is the motion alarm, which will allow us to order you to notify us when the locator has moved a certain distance from the exact moment you were when we gave you this order. We can set the distance from 100 to 5000 meters.

When the locator has distanced from the initial position the distance we have ordered to notice, we will make a call alert us, and also send us your location by SMS with a link to Google Maps.

And if all this wasn't enough, it also has the hidden micfunction. Activating this mode, we will be able to make a call to the locator device to listen live everything that happens around the GPS thanks to the microphone that it has built in.

Don't you think the perfect GPS locator for the car?

Features of GPS spy car locator

  • 4-month battery autonomy
  • Very accurate GPS location
  • Locate the position at any time
  • Powerful magnet that adheres to any metal surface
  • Fall Alert
  • Over-speed alert
  • Motion Notice
  • Standby mode activation for battery saving
  • Hidden microphone function, live listening
  • Dimensions: 121x65x48mm

GPS Package Contents Car Locator

  • 1x GPS Locator Car Tracker 4 months autonomy
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x USB Current Charger
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish
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