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Car GPS locator Cable without installation

Car GPS locator Cable without installation

USB Cable with hidden GPS

Load your phone in the car

Locate the car at any time

Does not emit any light

Microphone, Live Listening

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If what you're looking for is a car GPS locator and you haven't found it yet. You just got to the right place who's going to suspect a USB cable that you can load your phone in the car with?

It is totally impossible for someone to suspect a cable with which you can actually charge your mobile phone (Android or iPhone), connecting it to an adapter for car cigarette lighter. And what they will not know is that it has a mini GPS locator for car totally hidden.

Do not look anymore, you have found the best GPS car Locator, as for sure is one of the most hidden GPS locators that can exist.

No one will know the true intentions that are hidden in a USB charging cable is definitely a perfect spy car locator!

It is a GPS locator for car without installation, if you heard well, it does not require any kind of installation. Just insértale a NanoSIM phone card, connect it to a cigarette lighter adaptor in your car and from the APP on your phone you will be able to view the route, as well as access other functions and configuration options.

This portable GPS locator for car, will be a good ally to know where our vehicle is in case it is stolen. Being the best GPS locator options for anti-theft car.

And forget that you have to be subject to some kind of monthly fee, because this is not one of those devices that bind you to a regular payment. It is a car GPS locator without quotas.

And in addition to its spy car GPS locator function, you have the spy microphonefunction. If you hear well, you can listen to everything that happens around where the cable is, just making a phone call to the telephone card you have inserted into the device.

If your intention is to buy GPS locator for car, look no further, this is the most suitable for all the features mentioned.

You won't regret it!

GPS Car Spy Locator features

  • Unlimited autonomy
  • GPS completely hidden, we only see one USB cable
  • Fully functional USB Cable for charging (IOS/Android)
  • Location by telephone antennas and Wifi networks nearby
  • Notice of warning when detecting vibration or movement
  • Delimits a zone on the map, and when you leave it will notify you
  • Controlling the device from the APP and sending SMS
  • Microphone for Live listening
  • Sound recording from the APP
  • Receive a call when it detects sound

Car GPS Locator Package contents without fees

  • 1x Car GPS locator Cable without installation
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently asked questions of the best GPS locator hidden car

Is it really a car GPS locator without installation?

This mini GPS Car Locator cable is ready to operate, and does not require any installation. Just connect to the current, and it'll be operational. From the App you will be able to view the location at all times of this portable car GPS locator.

How does a car GPS locator work on the location signal it receives?

This locator cable connects to the nearest signals of the nearest telephony antennas or Wifi networks, thus giving us the approximate location of where it is located.

What does it mean to have unlimited autonomy?

This device works only connected to the current, this way you will forget that you can run out of battery, and will be permanently operational at all times.

Where to install GPS car locator?

Since it works when connected to the current, and it is a cable with which we can actually charge the battery of our mobile phone, it will be perfect if we leave it in a car connected to the cigarette lighter socket.

In this way, when the car moves, we will be able to know at all times where the person we want to control is located. or where our car is if we have stolen it.

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