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Mini GPS Locator People

Mini GPS Locator People

Locate at all times

Small size

A single button

Microphone, Live Listening

Record sound

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You will certainly be surprised as well as us, this miniature GPS spy locator, with which you will be able to know at all times the exact location of your location.

Do not look more, sure is the locator that you were looking for a person to carry and be able to know at all times where it is. Thanks to its small dimensions of 5x3x1, 5cm you will have no problem putting it to the person you want to have at Toto local time.

Its operation is simple, put a NanoSIM phone card and this mini GPS spy locator will give you the information you ask. To do this, you only have to download a free App, from which in addition to knowing at every moment the current location, you can also ask to show you the route you have made, for example throughout the day or in a certain range of time. In this way you will play as if a film is the trace that has been tracing the pager throughout that time.

And not only this, since in addition from this application you will have many more features like the remote shutdown of the device, receive notifications when detecting motion, configure a zone delimited and that when the locator gets out of there, you receive a Avisándote notification that has emerged from that area, and much more....

But this small GPS locator also has the function of spy microphone, so you can make a call to listen live everything that happens around. In addition you will be able to configure that when the microphone detects sound, make recordings of everything that is listening in the MicroSD memory card that you can insert to the device of up to 128Gb of capacity. Or, from the application record at any time you decide.

With this little big GPS you will not escape anything, and we are sure you will be surprised!

Features mini spy GPS Locator

  • Battery autonomy from 15 to 20 hours, depending on the use
  • Locates the actual location at all times
  • Play track of where you've been in a day or a few hours
  • It will warn you when it detects movement
  • Battery saving mode, if not moved will not consume battery
  • You will receive notification when there is little battery
  • Spy Microphone, Live listening
  • SOS function
  • Memory card recording when detecting sound
  • Sound recording in the App at all times
  • Notification of notice when you leave the zone configured on the map
  • Operation of functions also through SMS, in addition to the APP

Mini GPS Spy Locator package content

  • 1x Mini GPS Locator People
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Mini GPS Locator FAQ People

If there is no GPS coverage, will I be able to have location information?

Yes, but an approximate location. The first thing that the locator does is to try to have GPS coverage with which you will get an exact location. If the coverage is not good, it will connect to the antennas of telephony or WiFi networks available, which will have location but approximate in a range of approximately 2km.

Why is this locator for people?

Due to its small size of 5x3x1, 5, it will be easy to hide it in a backpack, purse, etc.

Does it work with any NanoSIM card?

Yes, it does not matter if it is prepaid or contract, but make sure you have hired data.

Do I have to put a memory card on it?

It is not necessary, the memory card is only so that if we activate the sound detection mode, audio files are stored, each time the microphone of the locator detects sound. Supports up to 128Gb MicroSD memory card

What is the SOS function for?

When we press the power button for three seconds, the device will make a call to the phone number that we have previously configured, so that the other person can listen to everything we say, either to ask for help or because we want Listen to what's going on.

What does it mean that autonomy is 15 to 20 hours depending on use?

We refer to the use of localization, not as a spy microphone. So, depending on how often we ask you to locate us, the device will spend more or less battery.

But do you have battery-saving mode?

If, when we turn on the device, if the locator stays still in one place, it will remain in battery saving mode to consume the smallest battery possible, and thus increase the battery autonomy.

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