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Mini Spy recorder for keys 8GB 19 hours

Mini Spy recorder for keys 8GB 19 hours

Memory 8GB 96 Hours

Sharpness Sound 192kbps

No light flashes

A single button

6 x 2.5 x 1 cm

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Ease of use and recording quality is what you're going to get with this mini spy recorder hidden in this ideal carabiner keychain to carry the keys.

Thanks to its small dimensions of 6 x 2.5 x 1 cm This voice recorder is perfect for always carrying with you, either in your pocket or in a purse. You can also leave it at home or in the office hidden anywhere to capture all the conversations that occur wherever you place it.

With regard to the distance to which it captures the sound, it will record you perfectly in a room of 30 meters with total clarity thanks to its micro internal that will give you a clear sharpness of 192kbps.

Thanks to its unique button, in this case tab, with just scrolling it will automatically record, and while recording you will not see any light that emits or any sound that may be suspicious. This is ideal for making covert recordings.

Later to listen to the recordings you have two options: the first one is to plug it to the USB port of the computer, with the USB cable that you attach, the computer, either Windows or Mac, will recognize it automatically and thus you will be able to listen the WAV files that have been Engraving. You don't need any special programs to play them, anyone will serve you.

The second option to listen to it is directly from the Mini spy recorder itself, thanks to the earphones that we include you will be able to listen to the recordings without any type of computer.

How much autonomy time will I have? With this recorder you will have about 19 hours for each battery charge you make. To recharge it simply leave it connected to the computer or a plug with USB for 2 hours, so you will have loaded.

A product highly recommended by our technicians that will provide you with clear and accurate recordings to record the moment you need to capture.

Features Mini spy recorder for keys

  • Autonomy for each charge of 19 hours
  • 8GB built-in memory
  • Quality of recording 192kbps to 48KHz
  • WAV files
  • Play MP3 and WMA music
  • With 8GB capacity for 96 hours
  • Battery Charging time 2 hours

MiniGrabadora Package Contents Spy Voice

  • 1x Mini Spy Recorder for keys
  • 1x Headphones
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently asked Questions Mini spy recorder for keys

is it possible to keep the mini recorder inside a drawer and record me in the room? If, indeed, this sound recorder will be able to capture the conversations while still inside a closed drawer.

How can I listen to the recordings with the headphones? The headphones will connect to the voice recorder itself, has a hole for it, a jack, you connect and in the headphones you have the functions of raising and lowering the volume, change track, forward, backward, etc....

do I need to enter a memory card? No, no card is required because it carries 8GB of internally built-in memory.

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