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IR Cam Invisible 3G Time Lapse

IR Cam Invisible 3G Time Lapse

Invisible Infrared

Sending photos to the phone

Silent and undetectable

High Definition HD Quality

Great time autonomy

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Are you looking for a camera for the outside that will send images to your mobile when it detects a movement?

Important: This camera is for outdoor and will send photos to your email every time you detect movement, but you have to keep in mind that you have to put a SIM card and its configuration is much more complicated than the surveillance camera 6 months Autonomy, whose configuration is very simple.

If you have coverage in the place where you are going to place it and placing a SIM card, with this camera you will be able to send photos to your email every time you detect a movement.

In this way you will know when a person has entered your field, farm or country house and you can know what is happening at that precise moment.

It has 54 Invisible night Vision LEDS up to 21 meters away to see in complete darkness and that the person does not know that it is being recorded, since the infrared are invisible to not be betrayed.

You can put up to 12 AA batteries to have months of autonomy. The battery life will go according to the Times it detects movement. The less you detect motion the more the batteries will hold.

It has motion detection and sends 1 to 3 photographs each time an intruder is detected. The images will send them to your email and to configure it we send you a manual in Spanish for you to do so. If you are not very technological we do not recommend that you buy this camera. Or if the purchases you must have in your town to a person who helps you to configure it. You will need a SIM card (not included) from any operator (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange,....) and have good coverage in the place where you place it.

From the rear inside screen you will be able to access its configuration in Spanish, in order to configure all its parameters.

Main features camera external surveillance with sending images to mobile

  • HD Image and sound recording
  • Motion detection at 24 meters
  • Invisible Nocturnal vision up to 21 meters
  • 54 Infrared Invisible
  • It works with AA batteries, up to 12 batteries can be put (not included)
  • Battery life; It supports up to 15,000 photos taken, the sending of the images to the mobile decreases the life of the battery.
  • Maximum resolution of pictures 12 MP to 3968x2976
  • Multiple photos, 3 photos, every time it detects movement
  • Max Video Resolution HD 1280x720p
  • Supports SD cards up to 16GB

Contents of the camera pack go send photos 3g

  • 1x IR Time Lapse Camera
  • 1x Clamping System
  • 1x Connection Cable
  • 1x instruction Manual in Spanish and English

Frequently asked questions surveillance camera sending images by 3g 4g without electricity

what knowledge is needed to configure the camera and send me the images to my mobile when detecting motion? If you are not good at the Tecnólogia or you have basic knowledge of it we advise you that someone you know and has computer skills helps you to configure it always.

You can't help me set it up? We send you an instruction manual in Spanish so you can configure it, but you will always need someone to handle the computer to make the configuration and you can send the images correctly to your mobile.

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