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USB Voice Recorder 30 - 40 hours Autonomy High Quality 384kbps

USB Voice Recorder 30 - 40 hours Autonomy High Quality 384kbps

1 to 2 days of recording

Headphones to listen to

High Quality Recording

8GB of Integrated Memory

More than 560 hours

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Many people enter our spy shop because they require a high quality recording device that will last, with a single charge, more than 1 day of recording. So here we present you this voice recorder usb that will make your delights.

And thanks to this pendrive spy you can make recordings and then you can listen to them by connecting the headphones that we include as a gift directly on the USB itself. Which means you will not need to connect it to any computer to listen to the recordings, this is an important point to keep in mind.

Its operation is very simple, right next to the hole where the headphones go you will find a button that, when pressed, will turn on the device and will start to record continuously until we stop or the battery is exhausted.

We have 2 recording modes depending on the quality of the recording we want. You have a normal quality, which will record at 32kbps, occupying only 10 hours of recording about 150MB, 40 hours of autonomy only occupy us 600MB. If we want to record in High Quality, that is at 384kbps, we can do it with perhaps a lower autonomy, about 30 hours that will occupy us about 2GB of memory.

Remember that we have 8GB of internal memory so we can record more than 540 hours and have them stored if we want. But if we delete audio files that do not interest us, we can record as many times as we want.

Its autonomy charge is simple, we will connect it for two hours to a USB power supply, and we will have it fully charged and ready to make our voice recordings in high quality.

Features Voice Recorder USB 30-40 hours Autonomy

  • High Quality Recording at 384kbps
  • 8GB of Integrated Memory
  • Autonomy per load of 30 to 40 hours
  • Measures 7.6 x 2.4 x 1.1 cm
  • Weight 16 grams
  • Two bitrate recording modes 32 kbps or 384kbps
  • Headsets to listen from the device itself
  • WAV Recording Format
  • Schedule to record recording date and time
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 95/98, Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac, Linux, ...

Package contents USB Spy Sound Recorder

  • 1x USB Voice Recorder
  • 1x Instruction manual in English
  • 1x Earphones

Frequently Asked Questions USB Recorder 30-40 hours of autonomy

How can I listen to recordings once I've made them? The package comes with a headset. You just have to connect them to the hole in the usb recorder and you can automatically listen to the recordings, turn up or down the volume or skip tracks.

Does any indicator light while recording? If, while recording, the LED blinks blue. You can not eliminate that flicker, so if you want it not to blink the only way is to put some adhesive on it so it will not be visible.

Is the recording difference between the two modes very noticeable? The two qualities are fine, but of course the HD quality at 384kbps is more accurate and is higher than the 32kbps quality. You can do the tests right when you receive the device and you will see the differences of recording depending on where you want to hide the device.

Does it serve as a Pendrive to use? If, indeed, it serves as a normal voice recorder, ie you can carry documents, photos, videos, etc ... with a capacity of 8GB

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