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Voice Recorder Advanced High Quality Bitrate 1.536kbps

Voice Recorder Advanced High Quality Bitrate 1.536kbps

Continuous Recording

Sound Detection Recording

Crystalline Sound

With Lapel Microphone

8GB of Internal Memory

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We present the advanced voice recorder with a Extraordinaría recording quality thanks to its high-gain internal microphones. But it also brings as complements a lapel micro and a system so you can record phone conversations of landlines.

You got internal memory? If, indeed, it already has an internal memory of 8GB with which you will be able to record for many days. We can also extend it with a microSD card from 64GB. Depending on the recording quality you want (256 kbps, 512 kbps, or 1536kbps) you will get more or less recordings.

The autonomy of your battery after charging is about 24 hours recording continuously. But you can also put it through sound detection, to record only when it detects sound, this will allow you to record for longer depending on how many times it detects sound.

One of its great features is that it is very intuitive and easy to use, thanks to that it incorporates a 2 "LCD screen and the menu is in Spanish, we can be able to record and listen later, by its loudspeaker, what we have recorded, in a simple and comfortable way.

It is a fine, 1, 1cm thick, very professional recorder, ideal for use as a voice recorder for studying, for classes, an interview recorder, or a veu recorder for multiple uses.

One of its great characteristics, to different from any other digital recorder that we have in our store, is that it has a jack type entry so that we can put an external micro. Also it has a hole for audio output, but that incorporates all.

The accessories that this digital recorder brings make it spectacular. It brings a micro lapel clip or tie that is ideal for use for musical instruments or similar, as it is a microphone for use in high volume elements, because it collects high sound. Also an adapter for the fixed phone ideal to connect it to the same and that are recorded the telephone conversations. We will also include a pendant for you to wear to your neck and do not miss, and also a gift headphone.

It is important to note that the recordings will be recorded by your recording date and time, which is very important when listening to the recordings, which you can move forward and backward until you find the right track.

To us this journalist-type voice recorder has enchanted us for its ease of use, its extraordinary recording quality and the accessories it brings.

Features Multitrack advanced voice recorder

  • 2 "LCD screen
  • Menu in Spanish
  • Continuous recording
  • Sound Detection Recording
  • Ideal for Dictaphone
  • MP3-Player
  • 24 Hours Continuous recording
  • 300 hours in Standby
  • Clock function, date and time
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • Ability to put up to 64GB of more microSD card
  • Also records while connected to the current
  • Recording format: WAV/MP3
  • Password to turn on the recorder
  • Recording distance up to 20 meters
  • 850mAh Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • High quality recording up to 1.536 Kbps
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 5.0 x 1.1 cm.
  • Gift Headphones
  • Micro-flap included ideal for musical instruments (guitar, saxophone, trumpet, violin, etc....

Contents of the Voice recorder package to study

  • 1x Advanced Veu Recorder Highest quality bitrate recording 1.536 Kbps
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Fixed-phone recording adaptor
  • 1x RJ45 Connector Cable
  • 1x Jack Cable for Recorder connection
  • 1x Neck-Worn Pendant
  • 1x Headphones
  • 1x Micro Lapel clip or tie (for high sounds)
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently asked Questions recorder for interviews

How many hours of recording will we have with this digital recorder ? We can record in WAV or MP3 format and depending on the quality of recording we will be able to store more or less hours of recording in the 8GB internal memory:

WAV, 1.536 kbps, 12 hours

WAV, 512kbps, 36 hours

WAV, 256kbps, 72 hours

MP3, 128kbps, 145 hours

MP3, 64kbps, 290 hours

MP3, 32kbps, 581 hours

How can I choose to record with the high gain internal micro that comes with the recorder or the lapel micro? Very simple, within the menu of the recorder you only have to indicate that you record from the output Line IN if you want to record you with the micro tie.

Can I put a password so that I can only start recording this digital recorder? If, indeed, you have the option to put a password that you only know so that you can only turn on your Sound recorder.

Are there any LEDs that can tell you that you're recording? When you press the REC button you will see how a led flashes while recording, but from the menu you can turn off this option so that it does not flash while recording. This is very good as it will not betray you.

Does the journalist type recorder have any way of knowing how much autonomy he has left? On the screen of 2 "You will see that there is a pile drawn and you will see how full it is, so you can know if you have to load it or not.

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