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Voice changer with 14 frequencies

Voice changer with 14 frequencies

Included 9V Battery

Volume Regulator

Change your Voice

7 Female Voices

7 Male Voices

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With this voice distortion you will be able to alter your phone conversation in a very simple way. We tell you in these lines how to do it.

The black box is the device itself that will act as a voice changer to which you must speak. In the back, underneath, you'll see that there is a hole of about 1 cm, well, that's where you need to talk, separándote a few centimeters but close to it. That's where the mic is.

Once you connect the headset to the output of the "box " Voice changer, you can move the voice changer wheel by selecting different voice modulators, up to a range of 14, to the one you consider most appropriate. You can listen to it with the headset before transmitting it.

This handset is the one you must place on the phone, landline or mobile, through which your voice will hear the recipient of it. Remember to talk through the box (microphone) and the sound will be passed through the handset to the mobile phone or landline.

The Voice changer is powered by a 9v battery that we included you already installed. You will also have a volume controller on the cable itself and a velcro strap to make it easier to attach to any phone.

This voice modulator is perfect so you don't get recognized in a phone conversation and keep your anonymity at all times.

Features Professional portable voice changer

  • 14 Frequency Ranges
  • 7 Voices Eyebrows
  • 7 Female Voices
  • For landline phone
  • For mobile phone
  • Maintain anonymity
  • Integrated microphone
  • Speaker output in monaural
  • Ideal for recording in sound recorders by varying the voice
  • Volume controller
  • 9v Battery included
  • Included Velcro in monaural

Content of the voice distorting package

  • 1x Telephone Voice Changer
  • 1x Headset with Velcro and voice controller
  • 1x 9v Battery included in the voice changer
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions voice modulator

Buy Voice distortion includes battery charger cable? No cable is needed to charge the device. It works with a 9v battery that we include. The only cable you will have is the one of the headset that is like the speaker that is going to give you the transformed voice.

With this voice changer can I imitate the voice of celebrities? No, it's not a famous people voice simulator, this is a transformer of your own voice in a range of 14 different frequencies in different treble and bass tones.

How close do I have to talk to the base hole, where the mic is? You will have to speak close to it, a few centimeters, do different tests to give with the appropriate tone and the appropriate distance.

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