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Camera Hidden in Cable with 32GB - Mini Spy Camera
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Camera Hidden in Cable with 32GB - Mini Spy Camera

Motion Detection

Image and Sound

HD recording

Very easy to use

Connect and record

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This mini spy film is ideal for people who just want to connect to a Plug and record without doing anything else, as simple as that. Look at the images and see where it is hidden, you will be surprised.

Indeed, it is a hidden camera in the USB, already comes with an internal memory of 32GB and is so simple to use that even the person of less technological knowledge will know how to use it. You just plug it in and it starts recording. Unplug it and the recording will stop. Simpler? It's not possible.

There is no button on the outside that you need to activate. It will record both image and sound at a very high quality, maximum resolution FullHD 1920x1080p.

By default it will record continuously to 1920x1080p, but a very interesting option that has is that you will be able to indicate that it record to a resolution inferior, 1280x720p or 640x480p, and well that it is done continuously or when it detects movement. In the Spanish manual that we enclose we indicate how to change these values.

And why should I be interested in recording at a lower resolution? Basically because of the size occupied by the recordings. As the memory is 32GB, 1920x1080p recordings will be able to record continuously for about 5 hours, while 1280x720p will be able to record about 7 hours, and with the resolution 640x480p we can record about 16 hours.

You should be aware that this device will feed on the electrical current from where you plug it. To do this we attach a USB wall charger for you to connect wherever you want. Therefore, you will have unlimited autonomy in this way.

Another very interesting option is that you can connect to a battery bank and record from this, that's what you decide.

As you can see is a great invention, which according to what you want to record, may be the most advisable option.

Features hidden camera in USB Cable

  • Unique Spy camera without buttons
  • Connect and start recording
  • No knowledge is required
  • One of the simplest cameras there is
  • Synchronized sound and image recording
  • Continuous recording
  • Motion detection Recording
  • Maximum Resolution 1920x1080p
  • Resolution selectable to 1280x720p or 640x480p
  • Cyclic recording
  • Stamping date and time of recordings
  • 32GB Internal Memory

Content of the package Mini spy camera in USB Cable

  • 1x Hidden camera in USB Cable
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently asked Questions USB spy Cable

How do I change from continuous recording to motion detection recording? You must modify a file. In the Spanish manual that we include you explain how to do it, is very simple and fast.

How is the quality of recording image and sound? The quality is very good, even if we put it to the lowest resolucíón it would also look good.

If you don't have a button how do I change the recording resolution? As we have indicated of continuous recording or motion detection, it changes the same, we indicate it easily in the manual that we included with the order.

Graba Audio y Video Conjuntamente SI
Frames per second video: 30FPS
Video Resolution: 1920x1080
Video Format: AVI
Visión Nocturna NO
Visual angle of the pictures: 90 grados
Grabación Programable: NO
Grabación Cíclica SI
Grabación Continua: SI
Función Detección de Movimiento SI
Toma Fotografias NO
Grabación por Detección de Sonido: NO
Tipo de Tarjeta Memoria: Memoria Interna
Memory: 32GB
Includes lithium battery recharges automatically when connected to PC USB: SI
Graba Conectado a la Corriente: SI
Estampación de Fecha y Hora en los Videos SI
Operating Systems: Todos
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