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GPS Tracker Locator car, motorcycle, people and dogs

GPS Tracker Locator car, motorcycle, people and dogs

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If your intention is to know where you have been or your car, motorbike, person or dog I think this tracker can be very helpful, but first you have to consider a few things that we tell you.

We have more than 8 years of experience selling products of espionage, and there are many who have requested locators well for the vehicle, well to have guarded where your son or another person is, or to know where your dog is in case of Loss.

During all this time we have tried various GPS and always the fundamental problem of all is precision, ie to tell us exactly where it is at the time we want. We tested this GPS for 2 weeks to see how accurate it was. Well, the accuracy will depend on where you are.

There are places where, if you have GPS signal will tell you with a mistake less than 50 meters where it is, and there are other places that as you can not find the GPS signal you will find WIFI or LBS signals whose accuracy will be 50 to 2000 meters so you will not be accurate with those signals. It's very important that you keep that in mind.

In addition to using it as a locator to see in real time, it will also serve you to see the history of routes performed. You can do it both from your own mobile phone and from any computer. This point is very good, because you will not be looking at every moment where it is. Also from the computer's own browser you will be able to see the routes made on the map and will indicate the time for which it has been on the site.

A very good option is that you can only dial to indicate the point when you have found GPS signal, so with this option you will know the exact sites where it is or has gone. So this option will be ideal for subjects of employees who use the vehicle, to control the children or for issues of infidelity. The GPS locator chip you're carrying is sensational.

In addition to locator will also serve as a spy microphone, since you can configure it so that when you call automatically hang up and you can listen live what happens, even, also has a function for you to talk and the other person I heard you live with the device speaker. This last option is very interesting in the case of taking the children or older people who do not clarify with the phone.

The main function of this device is to make tracker locator for people (children, adults, older people,...), for vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks,...), for Animals (dogs, cats, pets and other types of animals) but It has multiple very interesting secondary features. To see its operation and serve as a user manual, I recommend you see this video in which explains how it works and its features:

Thanks to this video you will not need instruction manual, everything you need to know is explained in the video above.

Main features GPS Car locator

  • Real time locator for vehicles (trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles,...), people, pets
  • Tracking through Free Application
  • Internet tracking from browser
  • History of Routes performed
  • Notices via Geo-fence
  • Voice Listening Monitor
  • Speaker to be able to talk and to hear you
  • Indicative of battery percentage of the device
  • Ideal for theft of vehicles or motorcycles
  • Perfect as protection for children and the elderly or people with some kind of disability
  • Ideal for Dogs
  • Red Color
  • Positioning accuracy with GPS signal 5-15 meters
  • Positioning accuracy with WIFI signal or LBS from 50 to 2000 meters
  • Battery in Standby 4 days, in Operation 1 day approximately
  • Size 5 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm.
  • Approximate weight 21.6 grams

Package Contents GPS Moto Locator

  • 1x GPS Locator Red Color
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Insert-and-remove SIM card pliers
  • 1x User Manual in English (follow the manual of the video we put here, it will be easier)

Frequently asked Questions Bike tracker car people dogs

How long does the GPS beacon battery last? It will depend on the time you use it and how you use it. It's not the same as updating every minute of it every hour. In our tests carried out we have lasted 1 day of autonomy.

Is it necessary to have a SIM card with data to work? Indeed, you will need a SIM card from any company (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange) with data contracting.

Will it work in Spain, Portugal, USA, etc.? Our tests are made in Spain and it has worked perfectly with a SIM card with Movistar data.

How can I see it on my cell phone? Descargaté the app indicated in the video for free and you will be able to see it in real time from your Android or Iphone smartphone.

Will it serve as a car locator? Yes, as long as you are in a place where there are antennas that give you the most accurate location possible. It can be used as a tracker for motorcycles, cars or vehicles in general as well as people and animals.

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