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Voice and Sound Recorders

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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items

Voice and Spy Sound Recorders

These spy products are sound recorders and do not integrate any cameras. They are perfect to leave them anywhere or take them with yourself. They have a long battery life since the audio recording does not consume as much as the video. But the most common questions are: will the audio record well? How can I hide it? Which one of them will ask me more time? What are the differences between them?

A product that is easy to hide, light and easy to use without having any knowledge of any device is, without a doubt, the Sound Recorder Spy Pendrive that will offer us 10 or 17 hours of autonomy and we can choose between 4 or 8GB. It only has one ON / OFF button for when we want to put it to record, and what stands out is its high quality microphone, since we can hide it in a bag, backpack, and even closed drawer, and it will capture the voices and what is speak in a room up to 15 meters. Then we just have to connect it to our computer to listen to the recordings.

But, what if we did not want to connect it to the computer to listen to the recordings? Imagine that you keep it in a place where you are going to make the recordings and then you want to listen to it quietly in your car or in the street, because for this it will be ideal Mini Hidden Voice Recorder with 8GB included, or the Veu recorder in 8GB Boli Stereo , which carry headphones to listen directly to the recordings made.

If what we want is something more sophisticated and professional that we have for 2 days of autonomy, with a micro of very high digital quality, with even sound detection, warning system alarms and many more features, then we should choose the professional voice and sound recorder Sony with 4GB , which works with AAA batteries and we can replace them when we want having battery autonomy instantly.

Many customers also want to buy a microphone through which they can listen live to everything that happens in the place they place it. We have a microphone with these characteristics, although our advice is better that they are voice recorders since the sound is always of higher quality. Anyway, if our intention is to listen live, the indicated microphone can be a very good option for a very cheap price. You can see it by clicking here and you just have to put it a SIM card, from movistar, orange or vodafone, and just by calling the phone number will automatically go down and you can listen at the moment, even if you have an app on your mobile you can record voice.

On many occasions our customers access our online store trying to find a spy camera, however, the most suitable solution for these hidden voice recorders that will give a lower price a better performance, that if, in your case is not as important the image as the sound. Imagine that you are a woman who suspects a possible infidelity of your husband, because in this case a mini spy recorder will be the most appropriate solution in your case, even much better than the microcash recorders that we can offer you, since a voice recorder Spying is much simpler to hide, even inside a drawer or a closed bag, and it will be very difficult to be discovered. However, the recording cameras have to take the lens somewhere to make that recording. All this without comparing prices, buying a hidden recorder is cheaper than a spy camera.

And what is the best spy voice recorder for me? It depends on many factors: where you are going to use it, the time you want to record, the exact sharpness you want to obtain, ..

Here is a sample of the recording quality of one of our favorite products:

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