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Carabiner Sound Recorder 8GB 24 hours

Carabiner Sound Recorder 8GB 24 hours

LED does not flash

Voice Detection

Noise Reduction

Headphones included

Also record Connected

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With this silver carabiner you will be able to make spectacular sound recordings very easily, both continuously and by sound detection, we will explain more details below.

And it is that we always recommend more a voice recorder like this instead of a spy camera for varying reasons and whenever we serve the sound recording without need of image. And it is that the quality is much greater since it is developed ex Professo for this rushed being a more powerful micro and also, very important, to have a much greater autonomy.

In this case this carabiner will give us an autonomy of about 24 hours, ie 1 full day of continuous recording for each charge of battery giving a quality of recording of 192kbps and with the possibility of recording with a new system that is the reduction of noise. With this system the sound clarity will be greater and the autonomy will be the same indicated above.

In addition to this recording mode you can also put it in sound detection, this means that when you put it in this mode will only record when it detects voice. This recording will take place in a single track and the big advantage is that when listening to it we will not have to wait for empty time spaces, that is to say, we will listen only when they speak and in a continuous way.

Its ease of use makes it an ideal device for all types of people, still having little technological knowledge. Just let it load for 2 hours on the USB port of the computer, so we have a full charge of the device, and then put the side tab of the carabiner in the on position, will automatically start recording. The LED will turn on and will automatically turn off to indicate no indication of a possible recording, which is greatly appreciated.

After the recording we put it off and we can listen to what we have recorded thanks to the headphones that we include or connect directly to your computer either Windows or MAC or whatever you're used.

A phenomenal spy article with which you will make the recordings of sounds you needed to make an important decision.

Sound Recorder in silver carabiner

  • 8GB Built-in
  • Ease of Use
  • Noise-reduction Recording mode
  • Track and volume Control + y-
  • Headphones to listen to recordings
  • Just put the tab on and it will start recording
  • Voice detection Recording
  • Can be deleted directly from the device the recorded track
  • Fast Track forward and reverse
  • Also records while connected to the current
  • 192kbps Recording Quality
  • Gormato recording 192kbps
  • 24 Hours Battery autonomy

Contents of the Carabiner Pack Keychain Sound Recorder

  • 1x Carabiner Sound Recorder Keychain with 8GB
  • 1x USB-to-port 2.5 jack Cable
  • 1x Headphones
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently asked Questions voice recorder Carabiner

With 8GB How long will I have to record? Approximately you will have about 6 days of recording capacity, but remember that the battery autonomy is 1 day.

If I put it through sound detection will hold my battery for a week? No, the autonomy of the battery will be approximately the same as in continuous recording, i.e. 1 day approximately.

To load it I have to put the button in some position? You must put the tab of the Carabiner in OFF position and connect it to the computer.

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