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Recorder Espia Imantada for Car

Recorder Espia Imantada for Car

More than 1 Autonomy Week

Voice Detection

Excellent Quality

Powerful Magnets

Does not emit light when recording

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This powerful spy voice recorder for car that we show you today, is undoubtedly the latest novelty of espionage thanks to its minimal design almost undetectable, its powerful magnets, and its 8GB storage.

Its operation is frankly simple, to carry an internal memory of 8GB no longer need to put any more cards, and just press the only button to record that there will be recorded.

This long-lasting spy recorder is one of the smallest with so much battery autonomy that exists on the market today. Does not mean that it is small, ie its dimensions are 9.2 x 3.6 x 2.2 cm. But we will have autonomy to record for weeks. Its powerful three internal magnets will make this recorder fit firmly under the seat of any car without any problem.

In addition, its 8GB of memory will allow this incredible voice-activated spy recorder to record more than 135 hours of voice, being able to remain spying for 45 days without having to remove it to extract the information.

This is added that this magnetic spy recorder for car can be programmed to record in different spaces of time, in order to save space and prolong its time of use.

Also, unlike other spy recorders that are on the market, which have low quality microphones, thus preventing a correct recording, this tape recorder has audio ASP and technology to reduce noise environment, and thus increase the quality of the recorded voices.

However, what has impressed us most about this novelty of the spy shop is its compact design that makes it ideal to be hidden, and perfect for this to be extremely difficult to find. The ideal place to put it is under the driver's seat. In short, it's literally a pure spy instrument.

This extraordinary device not only serves us for those needs where we should register conversations in cars. But also, it can be used in other situations like it can be behind furniture, under tables or other places where our imagination devises that can be hidden this fabulous recorder "secret Agent".

Its design is similar to that of a LED flashlight, it gives the ideal camouflage in case of being discovered, because not only does it have the appearance, but it works in the same way as a real flashlight, so no one will suspect that inside there is a powerful Magnetic spy recorder for car.

Characteristics of the magnetic spy recorder for car

  • Compact design, easy to use, and hard to find.
  • 8GB of memory
  • Supports 135 hours of continuous voice recording, and up to 45 days of recording in the car (works 3 hours per day)
  • Automatic voice recording. The device recognizes when you start the conversation in the car, and when it ends, it automatically stops recording.
  • High-quality industrial magnets that stick under the driver's seat and prevent them from being found in a regular cleaning of the vehicle.
  • Rechargeable 2000 MAh Lithium battery Suitable for the typical high temperatures of a car.
  • Programmable in days and hours from Monday to Sunday
  • Organization of recordings by folders in days and hours
  • Controls voice detection sensitivity from 1 to 50
  • Recording quality settings (32kbps, 64kbps, 192kbps)

Contents of the Spy Voice recorder package

  • 1x Magnetic Spy Recorder for car
  • 1x USB Cable to connect to the computer
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently asked questions long-term spy recorder

How can this recorder be adjusted? To place and hide this voice recorder You do not need any other tool, because it has in its interior three powerful magnets that allow you to be placed under the seat of any vehicle in a firm and without inconvenience. In this way, the device will not be discovered even in a deep cleaning of the car.

Can I use this spy recorder in other situations other than in a car? Yes, its small design is ideal for hiding inside the dress, in cabinets, or hidden behind doors and windows. Your imagination to power.

How can I make the appliance unnoticed if it is discovered? The design of this spy Sound Recorder is very similar to that of a common LED flashlight. In fact, it works just like a device of these, so if it is discovered, you can pass through a simple LED generic flashlight.

Is the recording audio quality? The manufacture of this long-life recorder took into account all the conditions that surround the recording within a moving vehicle. Therefore, it was produced with the latest audio recording technology to minimize ambient noise, as well as the sound of the engine and traffic in general, focusing the recording only on the voices that this novelty of espionage records.

How can I pass the recorded conversations to the computer? The recorder has a plug for USB cable that allows to connect to any computer passes through the files recorded by the device. In the manual next to the device, you specify its mode of use, the different recording methods, and it explains more to the detail how to pass the data to the PC from this fabulous recorder.

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