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Glasses with camera

In this section we wanted to insert the glasses with camera and mini-cameras located in sunglasses and view, in addition to some other glasses that can serve us as agent 007. After testing different models of glasses we decided to put Very few glasses but they are of good quality. The glasses are one of the best devices to record audio and video in full color, since we have our hands free to handle what we want and be able to make the recording. The recording will be perfect because where we head our head there will go the lens. In addition, the glasses have an innovative design and it is not appreciated at all that there is a micro camera inserted in the glasses.

Many of our clients use them in exams but only to capture that document that is needed, that is, to capture the exam and in case of suspension we can at least know what questions they put. There are a lot of students who call us asking for spy glasses that they can retransmit in real time so that from the outside, and through a pin, they tell them the answers, we do not have camera glasses that broadcast live, you have to take it into account .

The camera glasses are one of the objects to carry around that we recommend the most since you do not notice that they wear a spy glasses and also the recording angle is the most appropriate, even when your hands are completely free, also in some models there is no orifice of the lens since it is concealed with a transparent material so that no lens is seen absolutely, these models of spy-glasses are both in models of eyeglasses and in sun models. Another aspect that customers often ask us is the subject of the eyeglass with camera, since logically somewhere must carry all the internal mechanism, this makes the pin has a little more thickness and is where the plate, the micros, the DVR, the battery, etc., logically everything is in small measures so that it enters the pin.

Regarding the battery life of the camera glasses, it is usually around 60 minutes in continuous recording, that is, for each load that takes a few hours to complete, we will have to record about 60 minutes of autonomy, Generally, it is a sufficient time to capture those important moments that we will need as evidence. At the moment there are no spy glasses that can withstand more time while all the content is integrated in the same pin, we understand that as the technological world evolves they could create spyglass cameras with greater autonomy.

A sample of one of our spy glasses can be seen here:

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