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Black Box 400 hours of voice recording 17 days

Black Box 400 hours of voice recording 17 days

Autonomy 17 days

6 months in Standby

More than 5 meters away

Voice Detection


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With the new black box voice recorder you will have the recordings that you need with an exceptional quality and with an autonomy that you have never imagined.

This device will record the sound, conversations and voices as soon as it detects, because it works by voice detection, ie, will only record when you hear a sound above the level of sensitivity that we determine, ie, from 1 to 50 we can Change the microphone sensitivity level to record when a louder or lower sound is detected.

Another of its great features and that virtually no recorder has is that it is programmable and we can tell you the days of the week we want to record and what time, which will save time autonomy. We can tell you to record us every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, for example, from 08 to 14 hours, for example. We can show you what we want.

Regarding its autonomy is incredible, we have a battery of 5,000 mAh, where the manufacturer indicates that with a full load of it will have to record for about 17 days. We have done a test of 15 days and recorded us all this time, but also we saw that we had half the battery to spend, so we understand that their autonomy is even greater. It is important to indicate that we have an 8GB internal memory and we have the possibility to record to 3 different qualities:

Range 1: Record at a 32kbps quality and with 8GB we will have storage up to 580 hours of recording.

Range 2: It will record at a 64kbps quality and with 8GB we'll have to store 290 hours of audio.

Range 3:192kbps quality, with 8GB we will be able to store 96 hours of sound.

We were also very pleasantly surprised by the way you classify recordings, organize them by folders for your day-month-year and then the name of the file is called according to the hour-minutes-second of recording. This is really important to determine the exact date and time of the recording.

Once the recordings are made and to listen to it we can do it in two ways, either connecting it to the computer and seeing the files recorded in WAV format, or through the gift headphones that we include to be able to listen directly to the tracks Recorded from the same black box, there is a hole to insert the earphones.

This black box is in if a 5000 mAh battery bank that we can use to load our mobile or tablet and also be able to record while charging.

All these characteristics make us conclude that it is an ideal element to be able to capture sound, with its microphone of high sensitivity, for several weeks and without having to have electricity, very easily and without hardly knowledge of devices of This style.

Main features black box voice recorder

  • Voice-sensing recording
  • 8GB of memory included
  • Functional battery Bank to load our mobiles
  • Autonomy of 400 hours (17 days) with a single load
  • 5000 MAh Battery
  • Programmable in hours and days of the week
  • Perfect organization of recordings in days and hours
  • High temperature resistant
  • Flashlight function
  • Size smaller than a mobile 12.5 x 6 x 1.4 cm.
  • Voice-sensitivity Control of 1 to 50
  • Setting the recording quality (32kbps, 64kbps and 192kbps)
  • Setting your recording range according to the recording distance

Package contents black box Premium Sound Recorder

  • 1x Black voice recorder box with 8GB
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Headphones
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

FAQs in Premium black box voice recorder

Is this sound Recorder easy to use? Yes, it is simple, with a button you can do everything, that if we send you an instruction manual in Spanish to follow the letter and so make the recordings, is a combination of keys you will have to consider to turn the device on and off and grab Ar.

How can I change the parameters of sensitivity level, quality, programming of the days of recording, etc.? It is simple, once you connect it to your computer you will see a file called record. txt, you only have to open it and change the parameters from this file. In any way we indicate in the user manual in Castilian that we will enclose you.

Can you record continuously or just by sound detection? This device only records by sound detection but the sensitivity can be determined by us with a wide range from 1 to 50.

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