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Clip 18h. Mini 8GB High Fidelity Voice Recorder

Clip 18h. Mini 8GB High Fidelity Voice Recorder

Easy to carry

Listen to him directly

Gift headphones

Also record connected

18-20 hours Autonomy

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It carries or hides this small voice recorder with a high gain microphone and with a autonomy of 18-20 hours with a single load.

With measures of only 5.6 x 2.3 x 1.2 cm. and a built-in clip to wear it for example in the trouser pocket, in a shirt, in the bag, etc., this conversation recorder will record that test we needed to know the whole truth.

It is notable for its sharpness of sound and its high autonomy, as well as other functions that we went to detail. The recording will be automatic, that is, once the Let's light will be recorded instantaneously without doing anything else. With just leaving it on a USB port for 2 hours we will have a full charge and thanks to this charge we will have an autonomy of 18-20 hours approximately, fantastic truth!

One important feature is that it is also capable of recording connected to the current, so if we do so we will have unlimited autonomy.

Now, we have two modes of recording, the normal recording mode that gives us a good quality of recording and is with which we have for about 18-20 hours of autonomy, and the high Fidelity recording mode with which we will achieve a greater clarity of the voices reduce Ndo remarkably annoying background sounds. With the high Fidelity recording mode we will have an autonomy of about 8 hours per load.

And with regard to its capacity in memory, indicate that we include in an internal way an 8GB memory card. But the question is, how much will I be dealing with in memory card? Will I get to the time I want to record? Depending on the recording mode you choose you will have one or other storage capacity: In normal recording mode or LP we have a recording capacity of about 140 hours, ie, about 6 days of continuous recording, but remember that for each load you will have a Autonomy of about 20 hours. In high-fidelity recording mode or SHQ you will have a capacity of about 12 hours but with an autonomy for each load of about 8 hours.

A great feature is that the recordings can be heard directly from the Clip by simply inserting the plug of the gift headphones that we include. In addition you have forward and reverse buttons to advance or back when listening to conversations as well as being able to pass tracks.

We have to say that we have done recording tests in a closed bag with zipper, and in both modes of recording, both normal mode and HiFi mode, and we have to say that both ways we heard the conversation in a room of 20 meters Square. The Hi-Fi mode has improved the background noise that was normal mode.

Therefore we can tell you that we recommend you totally and will be sure effective when discovering the truth.

Features Mini Clip voice recorder High Fidelity

  • Easy to carry and place thanks to your clip
  • A single press to turn on and start recording
  • You can listen to the recordings directly with the headphones
  • Gift headphones Included
  • 2 Recording modes: Normal and High fidelity
  • Maximum autonomy per charge 20 hours
  • Charging time 2 hours
  • 8GB of internal memory included
  • Weight 15 grams
  • WAV Recording Format
  • LP recording (normal): 128kps and enter about 140 hours
  • Recording SHQ (High fidelity): 1536 Kbps and enter about 12 hours
  • Important: It is capable of recording while it is connected to the current!!

Package Contents Minigrabadora Voice-over-Clip

  • 1x Mini-Clip Sound Recorder
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Headphones
  • 1x User's Manual in Spanish

Frequently asked Questions Audio recorder Clip

Is there a big difference between recording in normal mode and high quality? You're not going to have more recording distance by putting it in one way or another, but if in high quality mode you will have a crisper sound as it eliminates background noises.

Can I listen to the recordings on the computer? Yes, you can listen to the recordings directly on your computer, be it windows or Mac, and you don't need to install any additional software, the computer will automatically recognize the device once you connect it to your USB port.

Do you see any type of LED when making recordings? It has an indicative led that will tell us how we are doing the recording. This led can be easily deactivated by pressing a combination of keys that we indicate in the instruction manual in Spanish.

Is the date and time of the recordings included? If, that is, in the name of the recording file will indicate the date and time of the recordings. To configure it you simply have to open in Windows the file setudisktime and automatically get you the date and time of your computer.

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