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Voice Recorder Super Long Duration 15 days

Voice Recorder Super Long Duration 15 days

100 meters of Distance

With Sound Detection

With FM Radio

Headphones Included

More than 15 days autonomy

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It is the voice recorder with the most autonomy in the world, and is capable of recording for 15 days thanks to its 1500 mAh battery. It's only worth buying this tape recorder. But it also has other features that make it unique, keep reading and discover.

Surprising, this is the word with which I would define this audio recorder, has some features that make it unique and is that in addition to having a great autonomy that will give us about 350 hours, is also capable of recording and listening at once at a distance of 100 meters. Thanks to the intercom, type remote control, which brings the device, we can listen and record up to 100 meters away. We must keep in mind that this is logically without any wall, as we go putting partitions will reduce the listening distance. The remote control is a microphone that has an antenna and transmits the audio to the voice recorder, with which we will be able to listen live and record at the same time.

Another feature that owns and the most requested customers is the sound detection also called VOR/VAR/VOS. Thanks to this recording system it will record only when it detects sound. We have up to 10 levels that we can regulate to skip the recording to the more or less decibels we want. We also have the option to turn it off to record continuously. When we have active sound detection will only record us when it detects sound, this means that as soon as you stop listening to the voice the recording is paused and will rerecord then on the same audio track.

Another of its important functions is that it has 3 recording modes that are different levels of recording quality: LP (Long play Time recording), SP (Standar recording) and HP (High quality recording). They are placed from lower to higher recording quality respectively, and from less to greater amount of memory consumed. The device comes with an 8GB internal memory.

The recordings are made in a very simple way, you simply have to press a single button to record the recorder and you will be recording voice. To listen to the reproductions can be done from the voice recorder itself, either through the loudspeaker that has built in or through the gift headphones that we include and that is much better listening to no distortion of sound. We tried to record hiding the recorder inside a zippered bag and HP version (high quality recording), and the recording has been very good, to hear it is better to do it through the computer (as long as there is a good Loudspeakers) or through the headphones which is where a fine quality is distinguished.

Another of the interesting and secondary options is that it has FM radio and also MP3 player, with which we will be able to listen to our programs and favorite music through the earphones that we include, that make of receiver antenna of the FM signal from the 87.0 to 108MHz.

Main features Super long-life voice recorder

  • Super Long Autonomy sound recording
  • 350 hours of autonomy, that is to say, about 15 days
  • Long distance voice recording, 100 meters away, thanks to the long distance wireless micro-remote
  • 4 Recording modes: LP, SP, HP, Wireless
  • Sound Detection Recording
  • 10 levels of sound detection regulation
  • FM Radio function 87.0-108Mhz
  • Setting the recording date and time
  • You can listen long distance (up to 100 meters) while recording (wireless function)
  • Automatic Section-Break: Every 4 hours you will make a recording file
  • Repeat A-B: while listening to a recording we can select Point A and point B to make a loop and listen to only those moments of recording repeatedly.
  • Intelligent screen-shutdown Monitor
  • Speaker built-in recorder
  • Included Gift headphones
  • 3.7 V and 1500 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Bit Rate recording ADPCM. 32kbps/128kbps/192kbps
  • MP3 and WMA music format

Contents of the Voice recorder package spy long time duration

  • 1x Voice recorder with super long-life and reach
  • 1x Headphones
  • 1x Wireless remote for long-distance listening
  • 1x USB-Charging and computer-listening Cable
  • 1x USB-Wall Charger
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently asked questions long-term voice recorder

What are the measures of the voice recorder? The measurements are 11 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm.

How many buttons does the recorder have? It has a square monitor and underneath it has several pretty intuitive buttons: REC (red button), OK (menu), back and forward, and in between a square that is the menu. On the side has a button that is erased and two more (+ and-) which is for the volume. On the other side you have an on/OFF button.

How does the 100 meter wireless recording work? The operation of recording and listening via wireless is as follows: 1) Remove the antenna that will act as a microphone. Put the button down, a blue LED will light up on the knob. 2) Insert the headphones and hit the record button.
Now we can listen and record live what happens up to 100 meters away. It is important that we move the recorder away from the headphones and move the cable until it allows us to listen with the least possible interference.

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