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Watches with Camera and Interchangeable Battery

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Watches with camera and interchangeable battery

Many of you look for the need for a spy article to go unnoticed when you find out any details about an information at home, the office or any other place to stay. The idea is that any spy object that we have is totally discreet, either an alarm clock, a pendrive or a watch with a spy camera, of which we will be talking today.

Use some spy watch battery exchange with camera and microSD card

Do you feel that you are having problems that you must prove? Is anyone being invasive, harassing or insulting you? Clarify doubts and appeals immediately to this incredible artifact and forget once and for all that it excuse when you're blaming someone in a very true fact.

It's designed like any other clock, but, with a built-in audio camera and recorder, although it's long-lasting, we know it's not much the time you could record for its size, but it even has an automatic disconnect function in case you don't Stés using.

The variety of watches that you are going to find basically is in its design, since all of them that we show you in this category have an interchangeable battery. All these clocks show the time in seconds, minutes and hours. It has a very high quality adjustable brooch type strap and some are classic.

Each spy watch is an espionage item appreciated by our customers for its beautiful modern design and above all, for its discretion and ease of use.

Features spy Watch battery interchangeable

All the watches that we show you in this section are of interchangeable rechargeable battery. This means that you will be able to remove and put different batteries without having to disconnect any cables. Unscrew the back of the watch and you will see a lithium battery, type those of your smartphone, that you can remove and put.

Even some have the same amount of memory that can have an internal memory of a portable phone without microSD card.

-All record in high definition (from 1280x720p)

If you thought that these watches did not record with quality, you will have a quality resolution to be able to see everything that the person is doing that you want to indict or to capture red-handed. There will be no pixeleadas images, with no long-lasting spy clock. You will have the best possible images at a higher quality.

-Manual Recording

Decide personally when going into action, you just do as if you're looking at the time and press the clock Record button to start your work, it's not how other cameras you record when there is audio detection or motion, you must be pending when Give the play and start recording. Then to stop it either you give the Stop button or you let the battery run out and stand alone.

-Audio Recording

The audio taken is of quality, you will be able to listen to a conversation after being close to it or simply to record everything that you have spoken with a person. Some of them have the option of being used as a simply Sound recorder.

-Take pictures

If you don't need to record video, if you don't take photos on a site that is not allowed, how a museum or a restricted area, the HD Camera Spy Watch can be your best ally as no one will suspect that you have a camera on this instrument to see the time.

-option to use the best spy watch in a simple way

Simply pressing a button will put you to record in a completely discreet way. And to see the recordings you connect it to the computer and ready.

-Adjustable Strap

Adjust your wrist as best suits you and suit you.

-Integrated microphone. Picture and sound together

When it comes to making a video, it will record both image and sound at the same time.

-Automatic switch-off function after 5 minutes without operation.

If you do not remember if it is on, it will not download, when you see nothing, it will turn off automatically, so you can use it on future occasions or in the next few minutes, if you are on a spy mission.

Contents of each pack spy watch long duration

Most of these devices for your hand include you in the package that we will send you the following:

-1 x Spy watch battery

-1 x USB Cable

To save all your files on your computer, empty the product and use it again.

-1 x Wall charger

Try to nobody sees you carrying the watch, it will be strange, but, you could say that it is a watch with rechargeable battery and ready, you do not have precisely to comment that it is a spy watch.

Take advantage and make the purchase, use the Spy watch for whatever you want

The Spy watch is perfect for you to take with you in many situations, in case of harassment, you can have it and you can give instructions to use it when you feel you are being harassed or abused. You can also use it comfortably in your work. Take advantage once and for all and do not let go of this great opportunity that is giving our store in spy devices.

Each watch comes at a special price, you can do a comparative spy watches, looking for a higher or lower price than any conventional watch, making it accessible to the general public.

Does not activate remotely, so you can not regalarselo your partner to spy, for this we have other methods that can help you.

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