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Sony Professional 4GB Digital Voice and Sound Recorder

Sony Professional 4GB Digital Voice and Sound Recorder

45 Hours Autonomy

High Quality Recording

Works with AAA Batteries

4GB Included

Sound Detection

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With this digital voice recorder and professional sound Sony with 4GB included we will have for about 2 days of autonomy and also does not need to recharge it as it works with 2 AAA batteries (already included) and when we run out we can put others without any problem and Without waiting for any battery recharge.

We have 4 formats of recording and depending on the format occupies a deteminado space in card and also of autonomy:

-Mode SHQ (Super Hight Quality): It will take us 43 hours 25 minutes and we will have a battery autonomy of about 26 hours.

-Mode HQ (Hight Quality): It will take us 65 hours 10 minutes to fill the card of 4GB included and we will have for approximately 28 hours autonomy.

-SP mode (Standard Play): We will have for 1043 hours on the 4GB card and will have for 45 hours of autonomy

-Mode LP (Long Play): We will have for 4,175 hours on the card of 4GB and we will have for 30 hours of autonomy

Its dimensions are 11.5 x 3.8 x 2.4 and its gray color as shown in the photographs attached to this tab.

Also stands out for its great micro and sound quality, typical of a journalist's recorder, for its ease of use, since it has a button to be recorded and another on the front to listen directly to the recordings made directly from The voice recorder itself thanks to its built-in loudspeaker, or we will be able to connect some earphones (not included) to listen to it connected to it without anyone being noticed. It also has on the sides of a button called "erase" with which we can delete any recording track that we are not interested.

We have tried to use this recorder enclosed in a bag and a straight line distance of 6 meters, in a room of 20 meters, and we have captured the conversation maintained, SHQ mode as in SP mode. It is true that the recording in SHQ mode is better than in SP but in both modes has captured the conversation maintained. Therefore we can ensure that the recorder is very high quality and even if we hide the recorder inside a bag will capture the outside sound, therefore it is totally recommended.

But this recorder is so fantastic that not only stays in these options but we have many more options if you press the button menu of the device:

Functions and features Digital voice recorder Sony 4GB

  • Selection of the 4 different recording quality modes: SHQ, HQ, SP, LP
  • Sensitivity: H (Ideal for recording a sound away from the voice recorder or when the sound is weak) or L (this option is suitable for dictation or when the microphone is near the mouth)
  • Function LCF Low cut Filter: When we activate this option we will cut the low frequency noises like the sound of the wind
  • VOR Voice operated recording function: if we put it on The voice recorder will start recording when it detects a sound and stop when no sound is heard. This option is interesting so that silence periods are not recorded.
  • Adding a recording to a previously recorded file (add): We will be able to add recordings within a recorded audio track.
  • Adding an overwrite recording during playback (over): It will do the same as the previous action but replace it overwrite the recording on the point of play that we place it.
  • Setting the playback speed: We will be able to adjust the playback speed between 0.50 and 2 times.
  • Noise reduction of the sound of reproduction and contribution of clarity to the human voice (N-cut): Noise cutting function: When we hear the sound through the headphones and activate this option we will reduce the ambient sound and have greater Sharpness in People's voice.
  • Quick Search of a certain point (easy-S): Search function easy to quickly locate the point from start recording. This is perfect for long-term recordings so we can move faster to find the right recording.
  • In addition to these options in the menu there are many more options such as the setting of the clock and the date, which will tell us when exactly the recording has been made, we can also turn off the LED or beep indicator in addition to reset to the settings defaults, formatting, deleting all files, or knowing the system information.
  • Another very interesting option is that we have up to 5 folders to be able to record or move the files to different folders and have them organized in the best way possible.
  • Another of the options is the option block, that will allow us to block a recorded file so that we cannot delete it unintentionally.
  • Also another option that we find is the alarm mode which will play a specific audio file at a certain time, on a certain date, once a week or at the same time each day.

Package Contents Digital Voice recorders

  • 1x Professional Sound and voice recorder Sony 4GB
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish (also in different languages: English, Dutch, German, French,....)
  • 2x Alkaline batteries LR03 Size AAA

Frequently asked Questions Sony recorders

How can I hide the voice recorder? You can hide it as and where you think it's convenient. We have tried to hide it inside a bag and we can say that we have recorded the sound and conversations held in a room of 20 meters without any problem. Each should determine which is the most suitable place to hide it depending on where you are going to place it.

I just want to record, do I have to do something special or connect something when I buy the recorder? No, it is very easy to use, when you arrive open the package, put the AAA batteries that will come included and just press the button on the side to the ON position. Now you will ask to enter the current date and time, you put it and you give the REC button you will make the recordings you need. That's how simple it is.

Is this digital voice recorder how long will it take with the batteries it brings? It will depend on the recording mode you set, but at least 45 hours you will have. Also remember that you can put other AAA batteries that are very economical. The good thing is that you will not depend on any computer or need to load it, because it feeds on AAA batteries, this is a point that no more spy recorder has.

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