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High Quality Cameras H264

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Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items

H264 High Quality Cameras

The H264 format causes the recorded images to be seen with a higher resolution occupying a smaller size in the recorded files.

This format can be present in hidden cameras that record in HD, both in 1920x1080p and 1280x720p.

Our team recommend that if you are looking for good image quality, always look for them to record in H264 compression format, so we will achieve two great features.

The first very important feature is the great sharpness of the image. If you already have quality by choosing an HD spy camera with this plus you will get more clarity without any doubt.

The second important feature is the compression of the recordings, which will make the size of the memory card much lower. Imagine that you have a hidden camera with unlimited autonomy since you have it connected to the current. If you have a card, for example 32GB, and the spy camera has the H264 format, then you can easily record it for a whole day. However, if that same product does not have this format, it is likely that the recording will only reach you in 8 hours or less.

So you know, if you can afford it and you like these devices that we put you in this section, it's an option that we highly recommend.

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