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Endoscope Camera for mobile Flexible tablet Android and PC usb

Endoscope Camera for mobile Flexible tablet Android and PC usb

View on your mobile

2 meters long

LED lighting

Head of 0.55cm.

Record or photos on Android

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Thanks to this camera endoscope with a flexible cable of 2 meters, we will be able to connect it to our Android mobile phone and through a free app we will be able to see, record and take pictures of everything you see in live.

The Minicámara and the cable is only 0.55 cm. and in which LEDs are introduced to have lighting as long as we need it. It comes with a lighting regulator located on the opposite side of the camera, that is, next to the USB port to let's light the light and we can regulate it in intensity. This is very suitable for places where we introduce this flexible endoscope and there is no lighting, such as pipes, gutters, etc.

The operation of the device is frankly simple: we must download from Google Play and completely free Basic USB camera application, once downloaded we must open the application and simply connect the camera flexible endoscope, We will automatically be watching live through this camera 2 meters long all that happens. We can also record video and photos that will be recorded on our mobile phone.

The recorded videos will have a resolution of 640x480 to 30fps and we can record both image and sound. The images are PNG with 1920x1440 resolution. It will be very easy to use this endoscopic camera for mobile.

Part of this app, we can also download other completely free of Google Play as CameraFi that depending on the characteristics of each mobile will work better or worse certain sections.

This flexible endoscope camera is for devices that have Android version 4.1.2 or higher with at least 1GB of RAM available. In addition we will also serve for our PC and is compatible for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or higher. We will only have to download the program. EXE free that we have on the tab "Documentation" of our website and once we connect the camera endoscope to the USB port of our PC and executed the program, we can see and record everything that captures this endoscope.

This camera is ideal for inspection of both piping and what we can think of, plus it is perfect to always carry with us and connect to our Android phone or our Android tablet, there when we need it, easier impossible.

Features camera USB Flexible Android endoscope

  • Connection via microUSB (adapter included)
  • Live visualization on our Android mobile
  • Live visualization on our PC
  • Records Video and Audio
  • Takes pictures
  • Video resolution 640x480 30fps
  • Resolution photos 1920x1440
  • 6 Light LEDs dimmable in intensity
  • Viewing angle of 60 degrees
  • Focal distance 3-8 cm.
  • Cable thickness 0.55 cm.
  • Cable length 2 meters
  • Automatic Brightness
  • Resistance IP66 (resistant to dust and water)
  • F/NO 2.8

Package Contents camera endoscope for Mobile

  • 1x Flexible endoscope camera 2 meters
  • 1x USB Adapter-microUSB
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions Android endoscopic camera

Will the USB camera for Android also work on my Iphone? No, this endoscopic camera is designed only for Android 4.1.2 or higher with at least 1GB of RAM, both for mobile, smartphone, and tablet.

What if I connect this Android spy camera to the USB port of my computer will work as a spy mobile camera? It will depend on the operating system you have. This device works and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or higher.

Where can i download the program to see live with this endoscopic camera for mobile? In Google Play you can find several free app, our recommendation is that you download the Basic USB camera application. To see it on the computer download the program that is on the tab documentation on this page, just below the pictures of this product you can see the tab.

And how do I know if I'm mobile is compatible to see if it works? If your phone is Android and is more or less modern almost sure you can. Your mobile must support input USB video OTG (USB on the go) to allow it to connect through the USB this endoscope. To know if our mobile is compatible and admits input OTG simply download the app "USB OTG Checker" to April we give to Check and if it goes green will mean that it is compatible. It would be very rare that your endoscopic Android camera does not work with this check.

Video Resolution: 640x480
Graba Audio y Video Conjuntamente SI
Frames per second video: 30FPS
Visión Nocturna SI
Visual angle of the pictures: 60 grados
Grabación Cíclica No especificado por fabricante
Grabación Programable: NO
Grabación Continua: SI
Función Detección de Movimiento NO
Toma Fotografias SI
Photograph format: PNG
Grabación por Detección de Sonido: NO
Photo Resolution: 1920x1440
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