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Mini Microphone Recorder with Velcro

Mini Microphone Recorder with Velcro

8GB Memory Included

10-12 Hours of Autonomy

96 hours of Capacity

8 grams of Weight

Reduced Dimensions

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If you are thinking of putting and hiding a mini microphone anywhere and that has an approximate autonomy of 10-12 hours this is the ideal spy device for this purpose.

And with this small size recording microphone, 4.5 x 1.7 x 0.5 cm. and a weight of only 8 grams, it is the ideal element to leave it under a table, under a chair or place it behind a shelf, table or any other everyday object. We include a Velcro so that you can adhere it to any place where you can hide it. It is very easy to use since it has a switch to put it ON / OFF when it suits you best.

The recording quality is exceptional recording at 192kbps in WAV format. Once made the recordings is very simple to reproduce since we include headphones to connect directly to the device and listen to the recordings made. You could also play the audios recorded on the computer.

This type of recording microphones has an integrated 8GB memory which allows you to record up to 96 hours of audio, but you must bear in mind that its autonomy is about 10-12 hours per battery charge.

Our technicians have been testing it and it has seemed exceptional the recordings that it collects, even putting it in a bag with double pocket and closing it we have been able to record up to 5 meters away, does not it seem incredible?

Features Mini Microphone Recorder with Velcro

  • 8GB Internal Memory = 96 hours
  • Autonomy 10-12 hours
  • 2 Hours Load
  • WAV 192kbps format
  • Play MP3, WMA, WAV music
  • Headphones Included
  • Reduced Dimensions 4.5 x 1.7 x 0.5 cm.
  • Weight 8 Grams
  • Velcro Included
  • Recording Microphone

Package Contents Microphone Recorder

  • 1x Mini Microphone with Recorder
  • 1x USB / Jack cable
  • 1x Headphones
  • 1x Velcro
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions Recorder with Microphone

Why, if you have the capacity to record 96 hours, does it tell me that you only record from 10 to 12 hours? Because one thing is the autonomy of the battery for each charge, which is 10 to 12 hours, and another internal memory capacity that has 8GB and can record up to 96 hours. Anyway after you can delete the files that do not interest you so you will recover space to record more.

How can I play the recorded files? You have two options: 1) You can connect the included headphones to listen to the recording or 2) Connect it to the computer and listen to the recorded, we recommend using the free VLC player to listen to the audio.

Are voice recording only microphones or do they also record all kinds of noise? They record both conversations and the sound that can be heard at the time you're recording.

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