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For less than € 80

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Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items

Cheap Spy Cameras

Selection of cameras and spy items that have a value lower than eighty euros. They are the cheapest mini spy cameras in our spy shop. Generally the microcameras that we show here usually have a range of about an hour, and support memory cards up to 32GB.

If we want to obtain a recording higher than the hour we can buy a hidden sound recorder as they have more autonomy and we can easily with a pendrive for example, whose price is less than € 80, record for 17 hours continuously .

Many of our clients look for a camera for this price with the intention of putting it through motion detection or sound detection, and thus, that it records and consumes only when there is movement or sound. Do not get confused, most cheap spy cameras, even having detection by movement or sound, your battery consumption is the same as if you were recording continuously. With all exceptions it is always like that.

If you have little budget, and although the ideal is to record image and sound, think about buying a hidden voice recorder, you will have an autonomy of about 10 hours and surely you have proof of what is happening. We already know that it is better to have image and sound, but in these cases you may be more interested in something like that.

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