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Car Night Vision

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

Cameras to be placed in the car and record in total darkness

The vehicle cameras that we are going to show you here are cameras that have night vision. But does this mean that it will pierce the moon of my car? It will depend on the type of glass your car has. The infrared type 940 invisible have the particularity that the human eye does not see, therefore they are ideal to monitor our car and in turn record without anyone noticing, but on the contrary, to be inside a vehicle and have in a glass, in many cases the same glass prevents these infrared from penetrating them, which means that it will act in many cases as a barrier and will not allow night vision to come out of the car.

After many investigations and tests we have come to the conclusion that this is due to the internal composition of the crystal itself, and we have seen that some cars have night vision if it passes through it. This is due to the different glasses that the different vehicles have. Ideally, depending on the brand and model in particular of each car have a list of its crystals and know whether or not it passes the same, but this, we have tried, but it is impossible to know or make a list of these features .

As a conclusion, what we want to tell you is that your only chance is that you try it and see if it crosses over or not. Another more difficult and less likely option is that you put it out of the vehicle in case you want to watch it in your garage or place it, if you have it parked, place it on a tree, in a streetlamp or in the window of your house pointing to your vehicle.

The car camera that we recommend most with night vision is the 24-hour camera, as we will have a greater autonomy of 24 hours, has night vision, motion detection, heat detection, sound detection, is programmable and many more options that you can see in detail by clicking here . < / p>

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