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More than 12 hours

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Showing 1 - 12 of 62 items

Hidden Cameras Spies to record for more than 12 hours

Become a true secret agent thanks to this collection of ideal recording cameras to capture more than 12 hours. Some products have their own autonomous battery that will give us enough time to be able to handle the hours we need. Generally those that can support so much time of autonomy are usually cameras that are not mini-cameras, mostly because to endure so long it is necessary to have a large battery to put in the device.

Either way there is a mini-camera that will hold us for a little less time than 12 but in the presence of motion detection it is likely that we will reach this time, with the lens less than 1 centimeter. You can see it by clicking here: Mini Camera HD 10 horas de autonomy

Then we have another surveillance camera with a 6-month autonomy of duration that works with AA batteries that we can change whenever we want. This camera is highly recommended to be placed outdoors, ideal for fields, land or other places that do not have electricity. It is not a continuous recording camera, but it has 3 motion detectors and it will only record us when it detects movement, that is why its duration is so long. We also have a camera recording 24 hours that thanks to its battery of lithium will last you that time as long as you do not put night vision on it, the consumption of night vision causes it to consume three times, that is, if you activate the infrared its autonomy will be 6 hours so it is very important that keep in mind in your recordings.

A fundamental factor is electricity, if we have it in the place where we want to hide the lens, then we can put many mini cameras that have unlimited autonomy. In any case not all of them are capable of recording connected to the current, so in this section you will see mini-cameras that work if connected to the current.

In this category you will also find other products that are not a spy camera, for example, you can find an voice and sound recorder that will take a 15 hours of autonomy and is ideal to hide inside a bag or inside a drawer with a spectacular sound. Our recommendation is always that if you only have enough sound recording, then we recommend a sound recorder better than a hidden camera, because it will give you a better service, it will take more of your battery and a fundamental factor is that it will come out more economical.

Anyway if you saw that you can not find what you are looking for or you get a mess with so much camera, we advise you to call us and we will advise you free of charge about the most suitable product for the situation you want to record. We will attend you with pleasure and without any commitment.

A long-life battery spy camera is what we offer you in this special section. Take a look, check each camera well, and you know that if you need advice you can contact us by email or by phone, we are waiting for you, the advice is free.

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