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Between 8 and 12 hours

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Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items

Long Autonomy Chambers

In this section we show you the Mini-cameras that can record between 8 and 12 hours approximately of time. Generally these cameras that we put you are cameras of approximate size minimum of a pack of tobacco, this is so because it requires a rechargeable lithium battery that has at least 2,000 mAh. A battery of this capacity is approximately the size indicated and must be hidden in a slightly larger object.

Will this autonomy be achieved with motion detection or are they continuous recording cameras? Virtually all the cameras shown in our spy shop have continuous recording and many of them also record by motion detection and some even by voice or even heat detection. The time indicated here is from 8 to 12 hours in continuous recording but generally, when recording by motion detection, the time does not increase since we must take into account that all the mechanisms are working except the recording, with this what if we will do is save space on the memory card but not gain space on battery.

With what if we can gain autonomy are with voice recorders. These consume much less than the cameras and we will have a lot of autonomy time with a small device. Another very interesting option to have ample autonomy is to connect it to the current, so it will feed directly from our current to 220V and we will not have to worry more if we run out of battery. It is important to know that not all cameras support this option, many of them when they are connected to the current only charge and are not able to record. In the description of each of the cameras we usually indicate, and if not, you can look in the tab that says Technical Sheet, there we indicate if it is capable of recording connected to the current or not.

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