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Less than 8 hours

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Showing 1 - 12 of 48 items

Camouflaged Spy Cameras that record to 8 hours

If you need to record less than 8 hours these are the cameras that we have selected that meet these characteristics. During these hours they are usually hidden surveillance cameras for home or for the office that are usually put by motion detection.

The fact of having presence detection means that it will record us only when it detects changes of movement or changes of light, depending on the sensitivity of the detector, some have adjustable levels of intensity and others do not. This mode will not cause us to have more autonomy but it will cause us to make fewer recordings, only the necessary ones, therefore, perhaps with less memory card it will be necessary to have the recordings we want.

There are many types of hidden cameras camouflaged and hidden in various objects but we must bear in mind that to hold us for 8 hours must be a product of a medium size, desktop type, power bank or similar. This has its logical explanation, to hold the recording during these hours requires a battery of more or less large dimensions, therefore, to hide this rechargeable lithium battery, it will be necessary to enter a more or less large object such as those mentioned above.

If you are looking for cheap spy cameras that have this capacity of hours of recording you can search them here or putting in google, amazon camara spy, mini camera spy amazon, pen spy spy amazon, camera spy amazon, .... but it is important that Before making a decision, the seller advises you.

Many things are sold on the internet but it is important that someone advise you and help you buy the most appropriate product. There we enter that with more than 8 years of experience selling these espionage products, we can help you through our experience, to buy the most appropriate spy camera for your security.

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