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Remote Control for the Spy Cameras

Remote Control for the Spy Cameras

If you've lost yours

Or it does not work for you

Or you want another one

Tell us your camera

We'll get yours

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Today, the remote control is a function that incorporates a large number of spy devices, including hidden cameras. Thanks to them we can manipulate them without being discovered and at a long distance that will allow us to stay completely hidden and out of any suspicion.

However, sometimes we can lose it. At the end of the day it is a remote control that could easily be forgotten somewhere. For this reason we offer you the possibility of not losing this function, so that you can continue to use your device from a distance and with all possible guarantees.

Indicate the reference of the camera in question, and the rest will take care of us, preparing the remote control that works perfectly with it.

Important : The most advisable is that you send us the device because there are different frequencies between spy devices and remote controls, still the same model.

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