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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Camera Spy Button

Spy minicamaras located on buttons to place in the buttonholes of the shirts or polos are perfect to carry them always with you, and record important interviews or conversations without knowing that they are being recorded.

The button type camera records video with image and sound and the autonomy varies depending on the device that we choose. Here you can find from the simplest and most economical button that records to a normal definition with a range of up to 60 minutes, to another type of wireless buttons with more autonomy and even some with greater angularity and more definition.

Give a review of all our buttons and if you finally do not find any that suits your needs, you can always browse other mini-cameras that you can use for the same attack but you never imagined that they could be hidden in the objects what we propose Take a look at our mini and spy cameras section and you'll be pleasantly surprised of all the products that we have in our spy shop.

Some of the users who enter our spy shop for the first time are surprised by the large number of espionage products they find, and some, either because they have seen a movie or because someone has told them, they are looking for a camera button but simply this, that is, without any mechanism behind it from the battery or where the videos are recorded.

A hidden camera button is more than just a simple button, behind it should go an electronic mechanism that gives life. You must take into account that it requires a lithium battery to power it, it requires a motherboard where all the microchips that make it up will be, it must have a hard disk or a memory where the videos that we take are stored.

Still to this day, and although the technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, they have not invented anything so small that in a simple button camera it fits, that is why, what we show you is what is currently in the market and therefore is the reality.

Another very interesting question from the clients is how they will put it if apart from wearing the button itself, it has a mechanism behind it, more or less large, which will give it the battery and the drive for its recording.

For our company, we consider that spy buttons are more appropriate to be placed in jackets or jackets than in shirts or polos. This is because if we put a shirt or shirt tight to the body, then it is more likely that we can notice something else that we have a spy button.

A hidden camera with a price-quality ratio that is feasible for all pockets, is the following, that is, the 13059 that gives this quality of recording, which we consider to be of low recording quality:

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