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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Camera Spy button, a really small device

Not all spy devices are the same. Yes, it is true that they must possess some common characteristics, for example, to be undetectable. However, the truth is that there are some larger than others. Some are more subtle and many of them are almost impossible to detect. A good example of the latter would be known as the Spy button. This button camera is located in the buttonholes of the shirt, so it is almost impossible to detect it only in shirts? No, the Poles are also perfect to carry a spy button with you and record, so, from interviews, conversations or situations you need to have registered.

One of the smallest spy devices on the market

Yes, the spy pens or the micro and mini spy cameras are excellent options. However, in we are aware that until relatively recently, although the technology had already come a long way, devices as small as these spy buttons had not been invented. In our page you will find the latest models, those that, besides being small, have the highest quality in the recordings and a high autonomy, for the type of devices that are and the size that they have.

What is a spy button?

If we get into the matter, the most important thing is to answer this question, what exactly is a spy button. This device is a button-shaped spy camera that can be seamlessly inserted into the eyelet of the shirts or poles. It's a button, properly said. So at first glance we will only see that button.

This camera button records video with picture and sound. The autonomy will vary depending on the button we choose. In you will find from the simplest options, to the most sophisticated options, with greater battery, greater angular or more definition in the image and the sound.

You should keep in mind that this spy device is not very different in its essential components, only be smaller. So the button needs a lithium battery. It also requires a motherboard in which all the microchips that integrate it. On the other hand, the spy button needs a hard drive or a memory in which all the material that we collect with the lens will be stored.

How does a spy button work?

Most of the spy buttons are factory set, so you just have to turn them on, put a memory card (you can buy the camera button with card included), and give the button to start recording. That simple.

The button can stay active even if we take off the shirt or the pole, as long as it is properly lit.

In fact, a spy button is a micro video camera that has a slot for inserting a micro SD card up to 32 GB of memory. This card will keep all recorded images and audio, until later we can pass it to the PC with the help of an adapter. This information step does not require any previous Software installation. The device will be automatically recognized by the computer.

In short, we can say that it is a very interesting device for those situations in which we need a very discreet follow-up. Also, although its operation is quite intuitive, all our spy buttons have a manual in Spanish that will clarify any kind of doubt.

What is the quality of the spy button lenses?

It's an important question. We might think that being such a small device, the button camera doesn't have a good definition. Nothing farther from reality. A button with a hidden camera has a really good lens. What's more, there are options in which the spy buttons are able to record even in low light giving excellent results, as in the case of the HD H264 spy button.

Can a camera button send pictures to my mobile in real time?

No, the answer is no. The spy camera records the images on the Micro SD memory card that we incorporate. These images can only be seen later on the computer, with the USB cable that is included in the shipment. However, it can only record sound and there are even cameras that allow you to take pictures.

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