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Cameras with Night Vision

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Showing 1 - 15 of 39 items

Night Vision Camera

In this category you can select by price or alphabetically, the night camera that best suits your needs and thus you can buy it more easily. You must take into account one thing when selecting a night camera, the battery consumption is higher than the rest of products as long as we activate the infrared. These IRs can be visible or invisible to the human eye. Most hidden cameras or surveillance that we have in this section are invisible night vision but always better to get into your file and check the features to make sure.

Inside these cameras we can find night vision cameras for cars, security cameras with wireless night vision, wifi ip cameras with live view from our mobile, ...

Spy microcameras have a small lens, usually less than one centimeter, and around it, those with night vision, infrared will be placed, the greater number of IR lights will be greater and the better night vision will be, but you must remember that each "little lamp" measures about 0.3cm. so the idea that many users have to hide a lens that records in the dark is very difficult to be for this situation.

Also we must add that it will require a battery to make it work as long as we want it wireless or without cables, the hidden camera already requires a battery of some autonomy to make it work, but if we also add the consumption of night vision then we will need a bigger battery.

The products with night vision cameras that we have are pendrive, wristwatches as well as desk, the latter are ideal for bedrooms and offices. We also have mini cameras and surveillance cameras, we have both cheap and a higher price, depending on their characteristics, so you can buy the one that best suits your needs and as not your pocket.

Here we put a video of a night spy camera of the many you can find in this section:

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