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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Lighters with hidden cameras

This category is dedicated exclusively to micro-cameras hidden in lighters. There are some of the lighters that are fully functional and others are not, so it is important that we look at their characteristics exactly as they are. The mini camera is located just below the lighter and is negligible since it seems to be the hole to recharge the gas from the lighter. Very useful to put it on a table or desk and record both full-color video and synchronized audio. In addition, depending on the model, they have the ADDITIONAL function of recording by motion detection or voice detection.

Currently we even have a camera with an impossible camera to find, even the button itself for activation is hidden so you do not notice anything that we are recording. Imagine that you are in a bar drinking something and you leave your lighter along with your pack of tobacco in the bar or on a table. You can record anything without anyone suspecting the least.

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