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Hidden Microphone listens by phone (GSM spy microphone)

Hidden Microphone listens by phone (GSM spy microphone)


Works with SIM cards

Micro range 10-14 meters

Wait time 12-14 days


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With this small spy microphone you will be able to listen live everything that happens in any cockpit where you leave it. Just make a phone call and ready, you will be listening from anywhere that is what happens in the site where you have placed the spy microphone.

Do these spy microphones work? Is it complicated? No, it's not complicated, you just have to have some very clear questions. First, you must enter a SIM card into the device. A SIM card is what we have in our mobile, if for example your phone will use a MicroSIM card is necessary to put an adapter that converts it into SIM. If you have this adapter you can buy it in any phone shop. It costs almost nothing, in our particular case we went to a phone shop and gave it to us.

Once you have introduced the SIM card in the spy microphone, these have a mobile number associated, in your case, if you enter your SIM with your personal mobile, that will be your mobile. Before entering the SIM will need to remove the lock of the code you have in the SIM, ie from your own mobile you must disable the PIN that asks each time you turn on the phone, but you know how to do consultaló in your phone user manual. You should also turn off the voicemail in case you have it activated.

After this, you are all, you enter the SIM in the device and you just have to make a call to the phone number of the SIM, the third tone will lift and start listening to everything that happens around the device. Logically they will charge you the cost of a normal call, as if you were calling a mobile.

You will be able to spy conversations from anywhere in the world by simply making a call, acting like we have a spy earpiece. Works with all operators: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange,..... This kind of cheap wireless microphones will bring you a lot at a very tight price.

Also another great feature is that you can put it by voice detection to call you, IE programs so that when the sound is higher than 45dB you call the phone that you have indicated. To activate this mode you must send an SMS with text 1111 to the same number or make a call and hang up within three seconds of listening to sound. Now when the device captures sound above 45 DB it will call you and you can orr everything that happens. You can catalog as a real spy listen at a very good price.

Thanks to this device, it's like you have a spy phone and you can listen from your own mobile where you put it, do not you think surprising?

Main features spy SIM GSM microphones

  • Works with all SIM cards
  • Micro range from 10 to 14 meters (360 degrees)
  • Standby time: 12-14 Dias
  • Is heard through any phone
  • Reduced Dimensions: 4.0 x 2.7 x 1.2 cm
  • Compatible with contract cards and prepaid
  • Deliveries in 24h. To Peninsula and Baleares
  • Shipping 100% discrete

Package Contents Wireless Spy Microphone

  • 1x Microphone Hidden SIM
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x Instruction Manual in Spanish

Frequently asked Questions Micro spy

Can the IP microphone have coverage problems? Yes, think it's like any phone because it has the same technology, so make sure that where you go to put the microphone is an area where there is good phone coverage.

How much autonomy time will I have with this micro spy? Depends on the time you are listening to the conversations, the sooner it will end although it holds several hours and days of listening as long as we are not listening for hours.

This spy microphone can connect it to the current and so have all the time you want autonomy? If you connect it to the current you will have all the time you need and you will never run out. To do this we attach a power adaptor.

Do you have a microphone for mobile? No, to date today there is no hidden phone microphone so small that you can put on a smartphone to spy.

What does it mean that the waiting time is 12 to 14 days? The manufacturer tells us that this is the waiting time that can be as long as we are not listening, ie at rest without that we use it.

In the spy microphones The sound is heard clean or with background noise? It will depend on the area where it is placed, usually there is background noise, but it does not prevent listening.

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