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Hidden Chamber Work: Dispatch

Inside our workplace there are many places to place a hidden camera, in this section we will focus on the ideal mini-cameras to place in offices. Spy mini cameras specially designed to be placed in the offices and record every moment that occurs within it. We must bear in mind that what most abounds in the offices is a desk, chairs and usually one or several shelves, therefore, based on this common information for all dispatches, we will indicate in this section the elements more suitable to record without being seen.

One of the most recommended products for these cases are undoubtedly desk clocks with hidden cameras inside, because it is a normal element in an office and also have the ability to have a lot of autonomy including unlimited autonomy if connect to the current. They are capable of recording audio and video together and also have the option of setting the motion detection mode so that it only records us for a few determined minutes when it detects movement. A very interesting option is the 3G / 4G wifi watch with which You can see from your own Android or iPhone mobile everything that happens in your office and from anywhere in the world. You just have to link it to the router of the company, a simple process following our instruction manual in Spanish that we attach with the product, and download a free app from the mobile application store. With this system you will be able to create alarms that will be sent to your mobile each time presence is detected or as you consider appropriate.

If we do not want anything visible then we will have to go to a minicamera of less than 1 centimeter that we can hide where we consider more convenient and that at least has 8 hours of autonomy. This is ideal to hide behind the books, the curtains, behind a radiator, behind a picture, even in the air conditioning grilles can be a good choice. The lens is flexible and we can focus it there is the place we want to have controlled and guarded. In this case we will have to go to the next spy micro camera.

If these prices seem high we will have to go to a cheaper spy device but with other benefits, for example, a product that gives a phenomenal result for a very good price is the voice recorder hidden in a pendrive. It is perfect to put it in a drawer and with only one battery charge you will have about 15 hours of continuous recording. Logically, it is not the same as having an image and sound, but it is a device that can never be "caught" and incredibly easy to use.

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