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Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items

Video surveillance cameras in work places

Mini cameras specially designed to be placed in work places without being caught. This realation of hidden cameras are appropriate to place them in companies, offices or usual places of work.

The first thing we must do before choosing a camera is to know how long we want to put it on. Depending on the recording time we will have to choose a spy camera or a sound recorder as long as the sound serves to have the proof we need. Generally the cameras that are able to record more than 8 hours usually have a price over 200 €, and the spies voice recorders that record more than 10 hours can be obtained for less than € 80. So if your voice is enough, we recommend that you go for these types of products. It is true that the saying of an image is worth more than a thousand words is perfectly applied in this regard and video surveillance cameras attest to this.

Another aspect that you should consider is the recording quality since you will find hidden security cameras that will record you in high definition and others that will record you at a lower resolution. In this sense our recommendation is that if you want recording quality look for the cameras that have the format H264, since inside the hidden cameras are those that have better recording quality.

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