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Showing 1 - 12 of 51 items

Small Chambers for Women

Hidden small cameras designed to take with you. We have made a selection of small surveillance cameras and other spy products ideal for women. If you are a man or you want to look for micro cameras to record you should go to the following category , where you'll have a unisex selection of small video cameras.

There are many of our clients who ask us if we have a spy pendant, we had it in our day, about 5 years ago, but they did not give good results since the battery lasted a very short time, that is, about 15 minutes. This was due in most cases to the space of the pendant to insert the battery was so small that only a very small rechargeable battery came in and therefore did not work well. The technology is advancing and it is possible that the manufacturers take similar products, but for the moment the hidden cameras to women that there is what we can show you here, in this section.

I became a true spy woman thanks to these spying devices for girl, with which you will get a lot of valuable information that will make you make very important decisions in your life. There are many of our clients who have found that their partner put the horns, that their children were suffering from bullying, that the cleaning lady not only cleaned at home during work hours, etc. A hidden camera woman can give you a radical change in your life, look, investigate and if you have questions please contact us to give you the best free advice you can get.

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