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Spy Watches

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items

Spy Clock, aspects to consider

Your watch with camera (spy watch) is in this specific section of spy watches both wrist and desktop. In these spy watches you will find hidden microcams perfectly camouflaged in normal objects, in this case watches that work as such, that is, they will give us the time and in some cases the date.

Many of the spy watch models you can find here have a 1080p or 720p high definition camera, others record at a lower resolution and that's why their price it will be inferior. But the ones that we really like because they give the best resolution, are the clocks that besides being HD also have the H264 format, this what will make us is besides compressing the size of what the video will occupy, it will compress the pixels and will give more sharpness of image. So we advise you for your purchase of spy watch that you are looking for the feature that H264 puts, you will see how you appreciate it.

Some wristwatch spy models apart from recording video also record audio and take pictures. You can find them with an internal memory from 4 GB up to 32 GB. The desktops can find them with greater capacity, since they have more autonomy, even most record connected to the current, and therefore it makes more sense that you can get cards up to 128GB.

And all spy clocks have a common characteristic, as many wristwatches as desk clocks, all appear to be simple watches, no one can imagine what a clock is spy with which you can record videos, audio or take photos. And it is not that they only appear, but that they are watches that will give us the real time, their time system has a mechanism independent of the surveillance camera system. Remember that they are spy clocks with audio and video incorporated in addition to the already indicated real time clock.

All designs have a lot of style, you can find wristwatch spy watches for both men and women.

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