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Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items

How to choose the best wireless camera to carry at any time

If you want a small wireless camera, which you can take with you and activate it to record when you need it, we recommend Spy Bracelet Watches (available for women and men in different designs, capacities and resolution).

Another option is the pens , buttons , or spy keychains . We especially recommend the Ballpoint pen Spy HD 1280x960 , which is one of the most successful products among our customers.

The only drawback of the products to carry it is usually the battery, because they are so small they have a battery of small milliamps and therefore the autonomy is around one or two hours. There is a product that has been created to carry over that is one of the few that solves this problem and has the ability to record in HD and with a range of 5.5 hours, is the Clon Boli Espía . This can be a great idea to carry in your pocket or backpack and record a considerable amount of hours.

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