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Storage room

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Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items

Spy Cameras inside a Storage Room

In this section we are going to show espionage products designed to be placed inside a storage room and capture that moment that we need so much.

In this case it would be appropriate to place a camera that had motion detection so that only when a person will enter it recorded with a hidden camera. It is important that we know that most spy cameras that have motion detection will consume us, of autonomy, the same while recording that while waiting for motion detection. Therefore it would be very interesting if we plugged it into the current.

In the case of the storerooms, generally, there is always light available, so it would be theirs to leave it connected to the current. We must bear in mind that not all hidden cameras support this function, that is, not all are capable of recording while they are connected to the current. This is why it is important that you look at the characteristics of the product itself, note that it is capable of recording while it is connected to the current.

Another option if we do not want to connect it to the current, and we need it to be for days in operation, would be coupling a battery bank, which are used to charge mobiles generally. Depending on the capacity of the same, we will have to have more autonomy in our recordings.

Another factor to take into account in these devices is whether or not we need night vision. In these cases the invisible night vision , if needed, would be ideal. Anyway, we understand, that the person we want to capture when he enters a storage room, will give the light without any inconvenience, since he will not think that it is being recorded. In any case, we can consider putting a spy camera with night vision.

Many of us have storage rooms or small warehouses near our garage. There are many people who want to monitor your car by installing a spy camera inside your storage room and thus focus towards your car. This option is very interesting, since we avoid putting a camera inside our car and from the outside it is more advisable to cover more angles of it. If you have this option and you are thinking of a surveillance system focusing on your vehicle, this choice can be highly recommended.

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