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Hidden Cameras for the Garage

Cameras designed to be placed in our garage and capture the criminal who is bothering us with the car. If it is very important to know that if the neighbor, because it is probably a neighbor who goes to our car park and annoys the car, performs the cecenas with the light off, it will be very difficult to place a surveillance camera inside our vehicle and record. The fundamental problem is the night vision that in many vehicles, by the internal composition of the glass, does not pass through it. The only camera that could pierce the glass is the 24 hours HD recording camera a>, but there is no list that tells us if the model of our vehicle is going to make it. It is very important that we take it into account.

The ideal situation for a car park is to place a camera on the outside of it pointing to our garage, unfortunately, this is usually quite complex and we would have to ask permission from the community of owners, which would have to be exposed in together and logically the neighbor who performs these actions would be aware of everything.

An interesting option would be to place a spy camera controlled by mobile but that situation is complex to perform for several reasons. The first thing is that in the garage or parking is difficult to get good coverage of our wifi signal from the router that will usually be at home. Therefore, already with this premise, it will be impossible to connect our phone with the spy camera that we place in the car.

So what we advise is to place a camera for car whose recordings are stored on a memory card for later, in the event that something has happened to our vehicle, we can observe them on the computer itself.

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