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Spy surveillance cameras for living room

A house has several rooms that can be a target for our recordings. While it is true that a dormitory is the most conducive place to capture an infidelity, a living room can also be a place where things happen when we are not at home. For example, a spy surveillance camera might tell you that the nanny's behavior is not appropriate.

What spy surveillance camera can I place in my living room?

If you are clear that you want to place the spy surveillance camera in your room, in we have a myriad of options that can come in well. Yes, there is so much variety that you may have to think a little about what and why you want this device. Also in the conditions of your living room.

Spy Cameras on objects

There are spy cameras in objects that can be an excellent option to monitor the living room of a home. You have from photo frames to Digital Spy smoke sensors. Yes, elements that, at first glance, do not seem at all hidden cameras.

These spy devices have different autonomies. However, you should know that if they are small and have battery, the duration will not be more than 4 hours, many of them only record 1 or 2 hours.

Mini spy cameras for the living room

There are really small devices, of those that are not previously involved in any object. They are very interesting lenses, because we can make a hidden camera DIY easily. A good example is the Mini camera 8 hours of continuous recording, a device that we will be able to place in the place that we want, that is practically undetectable and that has an autonomy of 8 hours. You can place it in a frame, a box, a flowerpot or any other object in your room without being detected by the human eye.

Hidden cameras with unlimited autonomy

It is likely that when you place a camera to watch your room you want a device that does not fail you in battery. The good thing about house surveillance cameras is that we will have the possibility to choose devices that can be connected to the light.

Because they are connected to a plug does not mean that they are more detectable. For example, you could put on an alarm clock and no one would notice that it was a spy camera. Also a camera that mimics mobile chargers.

Motion-sensing cameras

Many customers are looking for motion-sensing devices. It is important to know that these types of devices do not save hours of recording. If your spy camera has a 5 hour autonomy, even if you set the motion detection mode, it will continue recording those 5 hours. However, it will save time for viewing.

Motion detection mode causes the spy camera to record only when there is movement in the stay and field of view. So when we want to check the recorded material, we'll go to the important moments, and the internal memory of the device will take advantage much better.

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