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Listen to Wireless Secret Walls

Listen to Wireless Secret Walls

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Do you want to know how to listen through the walls? Today you will know a device that you probably do not have yet, although we already warned you that there are also high chances that you will finish this reading and want to take one for your work.

It is a listening walls, that is, a small system that allows you to listen to what is being said in the next room. Now there is no impediment to know exactly what is said in a room where your presence is not allowed and there was no possibility of having spy cameras.

You just have to put on your headphones and stick the device to the wall, he will do the rest with the waves, amplify them and you can find out everything, what do you think?

It is a real wonder, because it works even when speaking in low tone, since it will suffice to regulate the level of the sound sensors. Want one?

Package Content Listening device through the wall

  • 1x Spy Headset
  • 1x Headphones
  • 1x USB cable

Frequently Asked Questions Spy Device to listen through the walls

How to listen through a wall? What is the distance allowed to listen through the walls to the voices of the other room? The distance depends on the thickness of the wall, the headphone works best when the wall has a thickness between 15 and 25 centimeters. It will also work well with distances of approximately 10 meters depending on the volume of sound from the other end of the wall.

Can I record what I am listening to? The headset comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it does not come with a recording device, it is possible to connect a voice recorder using the headphone output. These are short-range remote listening systems.

How long should I charge the battery and how long does it last? The headset must be charged via USB to your computer for one or two hours. If we have a usb charger like the mobile ones we can also load it, generally with 1 hour is enough. After charging, your battery lasts two to three hours.

What are the exact measurements of these spy listening devices? The diameter of this device is 3.5 cm. and height measures a total of 5.5 cm.

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