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HIDDEN cameras for home

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Showing 1 - 12 of 37 items

Types of hidden cameras for home

We have the best hidden surveillance cameras specially designed to place in our HOME. Discover the latest NOVELTIES, you will hallucinate with the hidden security cameras!

Here you will find the best hidden cameras for the home, surveillance cameras that will go completely unnoticed by anyone. All our models of surveillance cameras are hidden in everyday objects, such as an alarm clock, a power charger, a TV remote control or even a coat rack. You will not find this kind of hidden surveillance cameras anywhere else.

Many of the videos of laughter and the so-called hidden camera videos are recorded with some of our mini-cameras. So you can see that a spy camera can be worthwhile in addition to discovering very important things that will make us change, probably our life, even for have a laugh.

Many of our camera models incorporate motion detection, long-life batteries and night vision. Feel safer with a hidden surveillance camera at home. These cameras are designed to be placed in any part of the house (room, garage, living room or storage room), there is even one that is designed to be installed inside a car.

There are several aspects to consider before deciding to buy hidden cameras:

How long do I need to record with the hidden security cameras?

Depending on the number of hours we will determine the most appropriate hidden cameras for our case. It would be a good option if we had the possibility to connect the device to the electric current and thus have unlimited autonomy, with this we will no longer worry about autonomy, a very important factor at the time of our choice. You should bear in mind that not all spy cameras can record while they are connected to the current, so it is very important that you look very carefully at the characteristics of each of the hidden cameras that we have to determine whether or not it is connected to the current.

There is a concept in itself that the final customer of our espionage store has; "If I put it for motion detection and only record me when I detect movement, I will have many hours of recording", this is not true, almost 95% of spy cameras when we put them in motion detection will consume battery as if they were recording continuously. If it is true that we will improve the recording memory, then only video will occupy us when it detects movement.

In what space do we want to place the hidden cameras exactly?

Inside the house there are several rooms, therefore, it is extremely important to know where we are going to place it. Perhaps in the bedroom, hall, corridor, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, dining room, ... Once the site is determined we will look for an object that enters the static of the house without attracting attention and where a camera is hidden.

Do we want to see live with these hidden security cameras from our mobile or do we only want to record to see it later?

Ultimately we are bringing Wi-Fi cameras to be able to see everything that happens in real time, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have the signal from your router to the place where you want to place the device.

Here we leave you a video of one of the more than 150 spy products that you can hide at home. In this case it is a usb charger that you can put in any socket:

Choosing the hidden and discreet surveillance camera appropriate for our home is no easy task, without a doubt, and more so if it is to record someone who knows all our rooms and rooms. If the main mission for which the surveillance camera is purchased for home is in case we get to steal, then it is much easier, the choice will be much easier because the caco does not know the objects we have and will not know which It contains a mini-camera.
We even have the option of putting a mini wireless surveillance camera to see from the mobile in a hidden way. In our store you can find all kinds of devices, sorted by problem that you want to record, by recording time, by function, etc.
Small surveillance cameras to record hidden in everyday objects are our specialty. In addition you can also make a DIY homemade spy for yourself and thus have spy cameras donOnly you will know where you have camouflaged.
You will never have invisible cameras, perhaps in the future, but it will be the most similar and tiny that exists today. Spying will be something really simple thanks to these gadgets that we offer you and which you can buy in our spy shop.

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