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Where to Locate the Chamber?

A spy camera or hidden camera is designed to film people without their knowledge, you have to know how to place a spy camera so that it is not visible, being camouflaged with a common object.

Spy cameras or hidden cameras can be placed in your home, in the car or in your workplace, as long as you do not violate the privacy of others, for example, how to install a spy camera in a public bath, if tea discover you could have problems , you have to be strategic.

Don't you know how to put a hidden camera?

For example, the fact of how to install a hidden camera in the bedroom, should be something especificio for that place, in this case, a desktop clock would be an element that would not stand out much as it would be within a range of objects that can be part of the Environment.

In this section we wanted to put several sections or subcategories that will indicate how to install a spy camera and that products are suitable for each moment. That is why we have classified them in which and how to install a spy camera at home, spy objects to locate in vehicles, cameras or devices to carry on, objects of espionage for the work and surveillance cameras spies to watch outside.

We suggest devices to place in strategic points to put cameras

They are perfect for integrating into the environment and not stand out. It is not the same to put a hidden camera in our house, to put it in the workplace or in the car.

You can get cameras of various features, it could be a hidden camera that broadcasts the video through a network connection as it is recording, or if it is a camera that has an internal memory, if this is the case, read the instructions well and check How many hours of recording you store.

Inside our home There are many places like putting a spy camera

Locate a place where you can put a hidden camera, you can not give a list of specific sites, because the spy cameras would lose the sense, because they would know where to look. The advice you can consider would be as follows:

That the place you select is not obvious, if our camera is contained in an object, put it in a place where there are several of these objects, so that it can go unnoticed.

You have to be coherent with respect to the object, we can not hide a camera in a teddy bear that gives directly towards the bed being a room that is not childish, this would raise suspicion.

If you cannot place the object next to other similar ones, you can place it in places that are not suspicious, such as a mat on a porch or garden.

If you are talking about installing a mini spy camera or carrying it on, you must take it discreetly, think clearly and not do things like taking a spy pen to a pool, where it is very unlikely that you have to use it, and much more unlikely that you should Load it on.

To place a spy camera correctly, it should not affect your recording radius

You must do so that you have a direct view of what you want to record. The most important thing is the location in relation to the behavior you want to record. If you are worried that someone will enter your home without authorization, you can place it near the door or window. If you want to make sure how the babysitter treats your baby, you can search where to place a hidden camera in the direction of your baby's crib.

How to put a hidden camera without affecting the sound

You must note the strategic points to put a camera without diminishing the sound quality and encourage audio recording, if you want to record image with sound included.

You must avoid certain things, like placing spy cameras near noisy objects, such as a TV or radio, because it can silence the voice of the person you want to record. If your intention is to install it in a car, put away from the speakers of the vehicle.

How to place a hidden camera if you need to connect to external power?

How to install mini spy cameras with connectors It is simple, you must locate it near an external power supply always taking care of the cables, that these do not be noticed, they can camouflage with another trivial device of the hearth and at the same time can stay connected to a Plug.

How to install a spy camera at home if it deserves a wiring to make a connection to the network?

In order to be able to save your recording safely, you must keep it near the router or the computer that administers this connection.

There are models that do not need a cable to connect to the network, in these cases you only have to make sure that the range of the signal reaches the site where the spy camera is located.

Our goal with this categorization is that you find the most suitable product to your needs within the more than 200 different products that we have in our catalog of our spy store.

How to install a mini spy camera without damaging it?

The idea is to place them in places of little transit, that is not deteriorated by the weather, by opening and closing doors or by liquids nearby, but, always ensures that your hidden camera is naturally directed to the site you want to capture, and not intently, because it can capture Easily people's attention.

Use places that are above or below the level of the view. One of the unusual places, is a ventilation duct, in the dark part under some furniture or inside a false fire alarm.

If you decide to be more rigorous with the security of your home, you can make more delicate installations, like putting a hidden camera in the backyard, in these cases you must buy a special camera that is designed to be used abroad. Apply our tips on where to place a spy camera and make your plan work.

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