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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

The best pen spies at the best price and benefits

Spy pens with camera with which you can write and in turn make video and audio recordings synchronized very easily with a single button. There are different pens, from a pen to a voice recorder that is capable of record audio only at a high quality and with 5 hours of autonomy, even spy pens with a camera capable of recording both image and sound at different resolutions and qualities, being the best in HD. Usually the bolis also take pictures. At a higher price, of course, they have better benefits.

All our spy pens have instructions in Spanish with which and just read it, which will take you from 5 to 10 minutes, you will be able to put it into operation and make use of all the features that give us, both the pen with spy camera like the voice recorder.

A fundamental question before you continue to inquire about the pen with camera, you must take into account that the battery of the same is about 1 hour, whether they are more expensive or cheaper. The battery that goes into a spy pocket should be small, not a larger one because of its size. That's why you can only record during that time.

If you are looking for a cheap value for money pen throwing cheap with good performance, we from our spy shop recommend the following boli camara .

Many clients call us and send us an email asking us the following question: Of all the pens with cameras that you have, what is the best alternative? Our answer is always the same; If your idea is to have a good resolution look for those who record in HD or FullHD and if you can have H264 much better.

As you can see, each pen is indicated along with its price and shipping costs that are fixed, whatever you request. Some pens are cheaper than others because they diminish in their degree of characteristics such as their resolution or other recording modes.

Remember the autonomy of these pens, they are all 60 minutes except for a single device that simulates being a pen but in reality it is not, it is the Clone Boli with which we will have autonomy of 5 hours but in turn we can not write with him. It is ideal to wear it in the notebook or in a pocket of the jacket or shirt.

There are people who ask us about the refills of the ink for the pen camera, that is, as if it were the replacement of a pencil but in the ink that makes these pens write. Normally in any bookstore they must sell spare parts, being their price quite affordable, therefore we advise you that when you spend the ink you ask for a spare part in your nearest bookstore.

Find here your spy pen with camera or micro ideal for your case in particular, if you would like to find something specific you should only communicate well by email or via phone, we will be happy to assist you.

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