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Theft Crops

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Surveillance cameras for farms and countryside

During the last year there has been a considerable increase in the theft of crops, livestock and field machinery. In order to see who and at what times these robberies occur here we suggest these cameras to know who and when they are stealing.

Generally the crops are out in the open so it is convenient for us that our chamber should have a series of characteristics:

1) Temperatures: It must be a camera that supports extreme temperatures, both cold and heat so it is not affected

2) Water, Snow, Hail: It must withstand water, since being outside on rainy days, hail even snow, must be prepared to not get water .

3) Invisible Night Vision: It is highly recommended that you have high-visibility invisible night vision, more than 10 meters, in case the damage to our harvest or farm occurs at night.

4) High Autonomy: It must have high autonomy of battery life since we will leave it placed in a tree or a field area for a while and then we will go to see the recordings in the case that something has happened. In the field it is impossible to connect it to the current so it must be a camera that lasts for a long time.

5) Motion Detection: It should be a camera that only records when it detects movement, since we do not want it to be occupying space and memory in continuous recordings.

6) Scope: It is also important that you have a range of at least 20 meters to take part of the harvest.

The only camera that supports all these characteristics and some other is our Surveillance Camera 6 months of Autonomy .

This camera is the most suitable when we are satisfied with the theft and the machinery that we have in the field. That is why it is necessary to have a camera or surveillance cameras for a field that does not have electricity, that can give the rain and that records at night at a good distance of at least 15 meters and without being betrayed by any light.

We show you a video of how you would record the camera:

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