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Theft in Country House

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Showing 1 - 15 of 20 items

Security systems for country houses

It is very likely that if you are in this section you have a country house or villa and you are looking to place an alarm or security system without having to activate the light as it is usually very likely that you will spend a long time period of time outside of it and with the electrical system disabled.

Many people are usually aware that your country house is unoccupied and is likely to take advantage of entering and commit thefts as long as you have no alarm or a security system. The problem of security systems and / or alarms is that they must be connected to the current and also have a monthly cost.

We in our spy shop have autonomous cameras, that is, cameras that work with batteries or with batteries. Some of them are hidden so if you want to discover who enters the house from time to time, they can be a very interesting option that you can meditate to put it. It also does not require any installer, since they are self-installing, therefore only you will know that there is an autonomous spy camera.

Another very interesting option that goes very well for the country houses, is the surveillance camera 6 months of autonomy. It is a autonomous camera that is ideal to place outside our farm, for example in a tree, focusing towards the point that we want to record. This device will record only when it detects movement and is the product that has more autonomy now. It can also be placed outside because it supports all kinds of temperatures, both cold, rain, wind, heat, .... A video surveillance system whose recordings will be reflected on the SD memory card that later we can see well on the monitor itself hidden external device or to see it on TV or on our computer.

Other options that may be of use to you is to hire a Securitas Direct type alarm system, to say one of the many companies that offer this all-in-one service, security and surveillance systems.

Other customers put security bars, anti-theft windows and often combine them with cheap alarms, security shutters for homes and other types of security systems for homes. Surveillance cameras activated by motion sensor are also in great demand, so that they capture the recording only when there is movement.

What to do if they come to steal your house and you are inside? Call the police immediately and try to activate an audible alarm so that the neighborhood finds out immediately that something is happening.

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