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Theft in Country House

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Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items

Surveillance cameras for country houses

Having a second home in the country is a lot of luck. However, we will not always be in it to avoid theft. Yes, second homes and country houses are very susceptible to becoming targets for thieves.

It is true that an alarm is the ideal thing to do to deter or alert the police. However, in many cases thefts are made in a very short time, leaving the security alarm completely useless. In these cases, it could be very interesting to have a surveillance camera for country houses; And it is that these devices can record the face of thieves and be an excellent test for future complaints.

An excellent complement to protect your home in the countryside

In we have a wide repertoire of surveillance cameras that will help you protect your home. A perfect complement for good bars and an alarm.

Keep in mind that burglaries are usually done conscientiously. I mean, thieves know perfectly well when you are and when you're not. They study their victims and manage to make shoplifting in a very small time. With a surveillance camera, you will not only be able to alert the police yourself (if you have motion sensor and broadcast the live image), you will also be able to register your faces to help future research and support your complaint.

What's the best surveillance camera for a country house?

You have to decide, firstly, if you want to place it inside or outside of home. Depending on the conditions of your country house, one or another model of surveillance camera will be more appropriate.

Outdoor surveillance cameras

If you want a surveillance camera for the outside of your country house, you will be able to choose autonomous spy cameras, that is to say, cameras that work with batteries or with batteries. These cameras do not require any installer, since they are autoinstallable, therefore, only you will know that there is a hidden spy camera.

Keep in mind that cameras that work outdoors must be weather-resistant. In other words, they must be devices that can withstand the cold, the heat, the rain or the wind. Also, this autonomy that we talk about, sometimes, should be quite large, because we spend a lot of time without being in a country house.

There are surveillance cameras of up to 6 months of autonomy. Cameras that you can place on the outside, focusing on a specific point of our terrain and that will be constantly recording what happens.

Motion sensor Surveillance cameras

Motion sensor surveillance cameras are really interesting on the outside and inside of field houses. Eye, for having motion sensor does not mean that they are spy cameras with more autonomy. The same battery is consumed. Only the recordings will be shorter and will focus on the moment of the action, so the viewing and review of those images will be much shorter and we will have much more space to record on the MicroSD memory card.

Surveillance cameras for home interior

Inside the house, the cameras can be a little different. You don't need cameras that are so weatherproof. Also, given that you will most likely have plugs, you could put a hidden camera that had all the autonomy, ie not work with internal battery.

These surveillance cameras have high quality in their image, also have night vision and motion detection. They are easy to place models that will help you capture the face of the person who enters your country house.

Where to buy a surveillance camera for a country house?

If you are looking for a surveillance camera for a country house, no doubt at we can help you. We have more than 8 years of experience in the field of spy devices. An experience that allows us to advise you correctly and solve any type of doubt that arises to you, both by email and through our phone.

Shopping can be done comfortably on the Internet or through our phone. The shipments are made 24/48 hours after the purchase, and you will receive them in discrete packages that do not have information about the product or our company. No one will know you're buying a spy camera.

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