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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items

Animal Observation Cameras

If you are amateur or professional with animals here you have our specific recommendation to observe them. Depending on the animal that we want to visualize and / or record we must use a camera or another. For example, if we want to observe animals that enter our farm such as wild boar, rabbits, deer or similar, a camera trap that works wonders and is the most recommended is the Surveillance Camera 6 months of autonomy , is color camouflage and is suitable for putting it in trees or the field. This camera has night vision for a distance of about 15 meters and works as follows; It has 3 motion detectors, one front and two side, with which when it detects movement will automatically record from 1 to 60 seconds depending on what we specify. His night vision has 48 leds that will act automatically when he detects that there is no light and that beam of light will be invisible to the eye, with which we will have recordings in complete darkness without the animals being perceived.

This camera is prepared to withstand extreme temperatures, both cold and hot, and can give you the rain without any problem. It works with AA batteries, 4 or 8 batteries can be inserted and its consumption will depend on the recordings made, the more number of recordings the less the batteries will hold. We recommend that you buy Energyzer batteries to improve the recording time.

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