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Copy Documents or Tests

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Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items

Copy documents or exams thanks to a spy camera

Our recommendations in these cases is to record the documents using a ballpoint pen , button or spy key .

Other interesting options to record are the wristwatches or the pendrives, such as Pendrive with Hidden Camera or the USB with Motion Detection .

Usually many people contact us to sell a hidden camera wifi with pinganillo so you can retransmit the exam through a 3G system or by bluetooth and another person from abroad to provide the answers. We do not have ANY SYSTEM that allows us to do this, therefore I beg you that if it is your case and that is what you are looking for, do not contact us.

The penguin with camera can be a system to copy in exams but we DO NOT RECOMMEND it since you can get into a very fat mess. I'm a lot of people who ask us about a camera button for exams, clocks to copy, spy glasses for exams, and the answer is the same; We do not sell anything like that, we're sorry.

Our recommendations in this section is to copy on exams the exam itself and thus have it saved for example in the case that we want to know that we have written or if we want to have the questions for later, once the exam is finished, let's check what questions did they put us in the exam.

A good device is the spy glasses of sight, but as already we have indicated you do not retransmit in real time but simply they will serve us to record and thus have copied the exam by means of photo or video. Also the watch spy bracelet is a good object, the so-called clock to copy in exams.

Another device is the camera button for exams, this device can be good to record the exam and thus have it in your power:

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